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Scair Structure Inflatable Haunted House

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  • Scair Structure Inflatable Haunted House

    30' x 32' Inflatable Building
    Comes with 2 blowers
    Complete with sides roof and 28 moveable wall sections for any maze design.
    Also has custom airbrushed front and rear outside panels

    Building has 6 exits

    $3800.00 O.B.O.


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    What are the wall sections like?

    And could you post a picture of a typical room.


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      What do the insides of your haunt look like?


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        There are moveable wall sections that are hung between the columns to make hallways or rooms. The structure has columns evenly spaced throughout, so you can configure it anyway you can dream up. This is just for the inflatable and the wall panels. Some of the panels have some airbrushing on them.


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          Please check your pm



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            Pm ??

            Just checked it. Nothing there. ??


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              Again, what are the wall sections like...

              Fabric, velcro, inflatable, plastic sheeting, etc?

              Still interested in a photo of a plain room.


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                Hey guys, I don't know this Rcarpen guy at all, however, last year we used a scAIR structure at our relay for life haunted house. It was this exact one I believe.

                To answer your questions regarding the wall panels, scAIR wall panels are a vinyl material with velcro straps on all four sides,nyou Velcro the wall panels in place however you'd like. But they are attached with Velcro, which is good iftheres a fire since you can literally just run through the walls.

                The beams are 4 ft apart from each other tho, so you cause wooden wall panels. Which is nice, because then you can really make it look detailed and you don't realize you're in an inflatable. These things DO get extremely dark inside if you have the roof on it, literally total blackout, so prepare to be really good with lighting. The roof is detachable, so if you put this guy inside you can take the roof off and not have to worry about Pinspot lighting for every inch.

                Honestly, these things are great for fundraisers (like what I needed it for) as well as traveling promotion, (throw it up at a fair or something). Or if you're using it in your haunt, make it a total blackout area with a few roaming creatures in there. Don't put all the walls up, just a few, and get people all screwed up in there. That's probably the only practical use I could say for this as an actual haunted house. If you're response is "well why not just use wooden walls?" well if you're gonna put wooden walls in there, save the extra overhead and just put the walls up like you typically would.

                Not to hurt this guys post at all, this is a GREAT piece for traveling attractions, fundraisers, and promo events, but a constant every weekend in October at the same location, you really don't need it. But for $3,800 it is one hell of a neat advertising piece.


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                  How does this act in the wind?
                  Chris Riehl


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                    They are built like a brick sh*t house. We withstood a few scattered thunderstorms, torrential downpour, and a ton of wind during set up. We had the exact one this guy is selling, and they're really durable and really simple to set up and operate. It's just hard to get good pro quality detail from it with anything other than a temporary (day or two) set up...


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                      could I leave it up for a whole month?Or, couldI deflate it, with everything inside.
                      Does it have electrical power?
                      Chris Riehl


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                        I wouldn't, remember, to keep it up you have to leave the blowers going.

                        It has loops to run electrical, and lots of d rings for hanging props.


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                          Has this been sold?


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                            Still got it?

                            Hello - is this still available by chance?


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                              it took a little..

                              Here is one I found. still waiting to here from the friends I know who own them.


                              Fables Studios
                              Your Home For Horror