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  • Electric Chair

    We need to sale an Electric Chair. new price is $15,000 we will sale for $5,000 if someone pays for it and removes it by May 20th. We can shipped it or deliver it for an additional cost.

    The chair atually was used by the Darkside with customers. The chair vibrates in the seat and handles and fod comes from the base with multiple lights going off. We used it as a prop with our actors setting in it (1st scene).

    It is large and very daunting when you see it. The photo is with our actor in the chair and what you can not see is the three large metal steps leading to the chair as well as the electrical box that has 16 outlets that the machone runs off of.

    Once again buy this by May 20th for $5,000! Contact us if you want a photo emailed to you.

    Photo on our website:

    Dr. Haunt
    Dr. Haunt's Chamber of Fear

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    $1,500 Off Electric Chair

    Last chance to purchase the electric chair. Will sale for $3,500 cash. Contact by June 15th otherwise we will incorporate into our 2007 Haunt design.
    Dr. Haunt's Chamber of Fear