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Electric Chair the Ride & Cash Maker

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  • Electric Chair the Ride & Cash Maker

    This prop was purchased with the entire Darkside Haunted House. The Electric Chair Ride acts as a money maker while your customers wait in line. People pay $5-10 to take the challenge of being electrocuted. The customers get strapped in to the chair, the actor flips the switch, and the chair seat and handles vibrate, fog is dispense, and the lights go off. From what Darkside said it scares their customer in the seat as well as get the crowds excited versus dreading waiting in line. Plus it is a way to make extra money.

    We will sale for $8,000.
    Dr. Haunt's Chamber of Fear

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    Get one Animatronic Free with Purchase of Chair

    If you buy the Electric Chair the Ride for $8,000 by April 20th, we will throw in your choice of any one of the following animatronics for FREE:

    - Shutter Extendor
    - Drop Down Photo
    - Animatronic Dog

    Email me for photo's ASAP as this is sure to sale. New price of Electric Chair is $15,000 while the animatronics range from $2,000 - $3,500. This will be first paid first serve. If picking up must pay cash, if paying by check, check must clear the bank prior to taking items. If you want to know how much we will charge to deliver just tell me where you are.

    We will hold items after April 20th for 30 days to allow you time to pick up. If serious send me your phone number so we can talk!

    Dr. Haunt's Chamber of Fear