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The swamp, The Sea ..Teaser

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  • The swamp, The Sea ..Teaser

    Gators, Sharks and Critters are all molded up and ready to come alive. No one is allowed to pour em yet until we have all show orders out. You should be seeing these beast come alive by months end. Sign up for my newsletter and finished pics will be sent to you! Below is a couple of color samples of our smallest beast..maybe to become a hand puppet or a wall mount? What do you think.? (Notice they don't come in green cause there is no such thing as a green gator!!!). Also pictured with my wife is our giant gator tail mold... Full body gators range from 4 to 14 feet. is huge and the other is small. Critters...them be a secret but I think we will blow your mind! There's something der em dem bushes!!!

    Smallest Beast

    Hand Puppet???

    Big Tail

    Couch & Bagy
    Feedback is always appreciated!
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    Great looking stuff. The detail on the little gator head is wonderful. Would be very interested in seeing how flexible the head would be for a puppet.


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      That one is just latex and soft foam. A puppet would either be socked or have a material embedded for reinforcement.


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        Ya that would really freak them out if you could do hand puppets. Also a trophy mount would be cool too. Great Work!
        Damon Carson


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          I would be interested in a puppet would like too see one with the front two legs for the puppet would be great. I have a outdoor Haunt in Florida this would be great in my attraction. Please PM me with some info.

          Thank you for your time
          Twisted Woods


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            This is going to be just in time!!! We are doing a swamp theme this year and have been looking for a decent gator head for one of the bridge areas!! Can't wait to see them!!


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              Thanks...we will have them ready in time. No problem! Just have to honor show orders first. We have various sizes all ready to be poured. Collector quality at haunter prices!