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Wanted: claustrophobia

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  • Wanted: claustrophobia

    Anyone have a white or black scareproducts claustrophobia for sale?

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    I will be selling two complete sets of claustrophobia bags. These bags are black and made of heavy duty material that is used on the large inflatable play/jump centers. One set of bags are 12 ft long each and the other set is 16 ft long each. Custom made by a professional sewer with heavy seams and grommetts. All four bags are 4 ft tall and inflate out approx 2 ft. Easily attach to 2" x 4" 's mounted on standard 4' x 8' walls with 3" screws and fender washers. Also comes with 1 - Kodiak 1HP Blower and 2 - Koala 1/2HP Blowers made for inflatable jumps.
    Place a Koala on each side of the 16' bags and the Kodiak can be vented to both of the 12' bags. I will have photos, easy to follow instructions for installation and pricing for serious inquiries. We made it as a side attraction and sold tickets for $1.00. Had 'em lined up all night; time to reinvest my dollars into a new side attraction.