Our Haunted House has more then we need - equipment/animatronics from 3 Haunted Houses so we are selling the following items:
- Animatronic Dog - $1,500
- Kicker - $1,000
- Slammer - $800
- Animatronic Man - $500
- Giant Skelator - $2,600
-Shake, Rattle, and Roll Animatronic - $2,000
-Drop Down Photo - $2,500
- Shuter Extendor - $2,100
-Casket Skeleton - $1,600
- Electric Chair the Ride - $12,000

If you are interested email me at drhauntschamberoffear@yahoo.com and I will email you the photos. If anyone interested in purchasing this we will make a package deal and include: Sound system, lights, fog machines, furniture, costumes, semi-trailer, etc.

To purchase items you can either come and pick them up or we are willing to deliver for a fee. Our goal is to have everything that we are going to sale, sold by March - so we can focus on rebuilding and use what we still have in our design.

Happy Haunting,
Dr. Haunt