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Factory of Terror! The best haunted house that I visited XD

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  • Factory of Terror! The best haunted house that I visited XD

    Last year I took a trip to a haunted house in Fall River, Massachusetts. This haunted factory is called 'The Factory of Terror.' I thought it was fantastic. The actors were good and the terror was awesome. Bellow is something that shows you what happens when taking a journey there.

    - The building isn't really isn't styled as a factory, it's a brick building that has a sign that reads 'Factory of Terror.'

    - When your waiting in line there's these guys that scare you. They walk back and forth scaring you to death (Which I thought was middle-class lame.) The best part in line is you Johnny Depp in Pirates In the Caribbean costume (Not really Johnny Depp.)

    - When you enter the building theres this guy that welcomes and bewaring you. During that boring speech there's these girls that have cuts on them stalking you.

    - After the gay/stupid speech, the guy allows you to enter the Factory of Terror and already I need to change my underwear.

    - There's these prisoners that try to grab you in the very beginning and then as you walk more there's banging, clashing, crying, and other cool stuff.

    That's all I should say, but I will love to share what the coolest part was. Freddy Krueger there in a boiler room calling my sister's name 'Dawn.' Haha! I was laughing my freaking pants off - but then again, I was scared of him because the acting was so real/lifelike. It was like seeing him for real. That's all that I'll say, I don't want to spoil it. Go there and you'll have a fantastic time.

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    Factory of Terror! The best haunted house that I visited XD

    Cool. 8) Are you going back there again this year?