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  • dread, dread triple dread

    If you have opened this topic then starting from this moment you are cursed!!! And there is only one way to be saved from it: you have to carry out three steps. But remember you cannot skip any of it or headless rider will take you away for good!!!!!
    Step 1. First of all you have to follow the link to the postcard, download it (it is free) and send it to all your enemies. Fool them.
    Step 2. Then you have to follow the]link[/url] and download this awesome flash intro. Maybe you are not scared yet )))? Then you have to perform next stage of saving your life.
    Step 3. That is decisive moment whether you are going to live your ordinary life or". So, you have to communicate with our witches and beg them to save your soul. To make it, you need to go to the][/url]. On the home page at the top right corner you will see sweet witch with phones. Click on this picture. Performing this action you provoke our witches to have an on-line conversation. Beg them to save you, induce all methods to persuade them!!!
    If all your actions were correct, then our congratulations, you are going to live happy, joyful life!!!!! HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!!!