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Great mat switches for hayrides...

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  • Great mat switches for hayrides...

    Hey guys, I have come into several large mat switches and have listed them on ebay. Each one is 23" by 35" which is a very large footprint compared to most that are commonly used in the industry. They are extremely rugged and great for use in areas where customers seem to miss or step over regular mats and they are wonderful for hay rides providing the tractor driver with a very large target to hit. They are all used but VERY lightly. Each shows only a little dirt and small scrathches from sitting on the floor. They are all in perfect working condition. Brand new, they would each cost about $140. I am selling them all as a lot of 9. If you're interested please check out the link below and place a bid. Any questions can be directed to me here or through ebay. Thanks so much. I hope that someone can give them a good home.
    Kip Polley

    Pale Night Productions
    We Engineer Fear

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    Will have to get some for our hayride... how far away are you from our haunt? LOL

    Larry Kirchner