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  • What's Scarier?

    Which of these do you think are scarier and why.

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    Evil Clowns scare the hell out of most people it seems. It?s that evil look out of the corner of their eye that no one else sees. The facade of being friendly, playful, and innocent? but you saw that look and you know their coming for you?

    Generally when I think of aliens I think of Star Wars, ET, and little green men. Of course you have THE Aliens, but that is old school and out of date to me. We?ve seen it over and over, what scares the hell out of people is seeing something they can?t explain. Like a deformed albino baboon with one of those Jurassic park spitting dinosaur scrotum shields that pops up behind them and shakes as they scream at you? now that would make me throw mud.

    And Mummies? well slow decayed things are fun to look at, but not all that scary either. They come across as slow and not so dangerous. Even if they came after you rocking back and forth with their arms out stretched, what are they going to do when they catch you. Their mouths are covered so they can?t bite. If they move that slow they don?t have much arm strength to snap your neck. I mean the most they can do is get you dirty and glare at you with them evil eyes.
    "Success usually comes to those who are too busy to be looking for it"
    - Henry David Thoreau

    "Tragedy is when I cut my finger. Comedy is when you walk into an open sewer and die."
    - Mel Brooks


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      Hello alien, alien vs predator , and signs those are some scary aliens I feel atleast but clowns people do have tramatic experiances with and genrally easier and cheaper to do then a good non oval mask alien type setting.Just my opinion though folks.
      If your looking for a cool haunt in PA check out shocktoberfest. and Larry make a tape of darkness silo x and the haunted ghost town and I would buy it .


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        Well for the large (it seems larger every year) number of people who have a clown phobia, clowns are terribly scary. On a scale of 1 - 10, I have a clown phobia of about a 2. So for me, clowns are a little scary, but no real problem.
        I think that the problem with this question is the venue. In a haunt, clowns will always be scarier, because they take the actual shape (seeing as a human actor will be portraying the evil carnival goer) and therefore are more realistic. Aliens have the potential to be scarier; face to face with the unknown. But an actor playing an alien has a limited number of choices. No matter what you do, a person dressed up like an alien is going to look like a person dressed up. Not as realistic. And the movement is very limited too. A person can not move as fast as I envision a scary alien moves.
        But if you look at aliens and clowns in film, (Alien vs It), I put my money on the alien! It is foreign, fast, camoflauges well in its environmnet...SCARY! "It" has a lot going for it too. Targets kids, lives in a sewer, changes form at will. But nothing compared to alien!