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City Officials Say Haunted House Rated X

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  • City Officials Say Haunted House Rated X

    Caught this on the Yahoo! news:


    WENTZVILLE, Mo. - Organizers of a haunted house that includes scenes of same sex kissing and a whipping dominatrix said they're just trying to promote adult fun.

    But community officials say the haunted house is so adult, it can't open unless it gets an adult entertainment permit from the city.

    "The Mall of the Dead," a haunted house with 16 different scenes, has been planned for 200,000 square feet of The Mall at Wentzville Crossing, about 40 miles outside of St. Louis.

    The haunted house's spokesman Dean Kemper, 44, said community officials are engaging in censorship. He said workers aren't simulating sex or engaging in inappropriate touching.

    "If it were a movie, it would be rated PG-13," he said.

    One scene shows two women touching each other's arms and legs and then kissing on the shoulders and neck. The scene ends with the simulated cutting of a man's genitals.

    Another shows people shackled to a wall. A dominatrix whips a man attached to a leash.

    Kemper said he applied six weeks ago for a conditional use permit, and was ready to open last week. Then, the attraction was put on hold because of safety code violations.

    Wentzville Police Chief Bob Noonan said he heard this week that Kemper was planning to employ young people in the sexually suggestive and violent scenes. Noonan checked with the city attorney and then had a letter delivered to Kemper, saying he would need to apply for a city adult entertainment permit.

    Kemper said no one under 17 is used in the sex scenes. He said employees under 18 are required to get a consent form signed by a parent or guardian.

    However, city ordinance states only people 18 or older are permitted on the premises where live performers depict certain sexual activities, including sadomasochism.

    City administrator Andy McCown said building and safety concerns have not been addressed and those would keep the haunted house from opening.

    Kemper said safety complaints have been addressed. He said the city simply doesn't like the content of the show.


    - Glenn Campbell

    Haunted Hotel - Louisville, KY
    Industrial Nightmare - Jeffersonville, IN

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    Near Saint Louis

    Yes, to answer you question absolutly they shoudl ban this freakin loser!!!

    Heres the REAL STORY...

    There is this mall really far away from St Louis so the guy takes the fast buck freddy approach and uses an angle that would get him attention.

    He started promoting the fact that NO ONE under 17 could be admitted because the haunted house was to graphic and violent with sex scenes.

    Well the angle backfired on one side and won him a lot of free PR on the other side. He says no one allowed under 17 but he has 15 year girls working there. Go figure.

    Anyway not only is he using Rob Zombie, Marylin Manson, and several other artist names in his adverts, he also STOLE the logo from the movie 'Zombie' and he stole the name 'Mall of the Dead' from a board game which he for that matter sells in his store.

    The haunted house is so FREAKIN stupid you wouldn't believe it. They had a near riot on their first night tonight from people tearing apart the ticket booth demanding their money back. They had police there and people begged them to force the owners to give them their money back, they had fist fights and more.

    I've NEVER seen a more un-professional operation in all my life.

    There is nothing to this attraction what so ever, they spent like five cents to build it but they're saying in their ads that is so horrifiing, so outragous you won't believe your eyes and it worked.

    Problem is it will only work ONCE, it's a gimmick and the word of mouth is already killing the place. Furthermore even if the show was good it would be nearly impossible to live up to the hype, plus they've pissed off every city official in that town.

    All around the board the attraction is a scam, atleast from my view its a scam to make as much money as they can. You should have seen the people leaving the place PISSED OFF!!!!!!!!!!

    They had this ticket booth that was just a table and their people where surrounded by angry people, atleast 100 or more, demanding their money back.

    Funny thing was Channel 2 was there did a live report and said "no one we talked to said it was worth the wait, the hype or the money, now back to you Dick'.

    I'm doing a HUGE story on this place in the next Hauntworld magazine...more or less about hype and gimmicks. This gimmick worked he's got MAJOR press, but now it all comes down to the fact that his show must deliver and it couldn't deliver a pizza across the street!

    This is major news everywhere...this guys is the biggest joke in the world. You should have seen him on the news telling the poilce chief if he wants to go in he has to buy a ticket...what a laugh.

    One person made a comment and said "the most money this guy spent on his show was welding some barrels together".

    Bottom line is this...the guy should be shut down because he does have a silly bondage scene and other dumb sexual scenes that include child murder. This has NOTHING to do with Halloween what so ever or haunted houses. It's guys like this who give us all a bad name!

    This guy on the radio today even said "This whole thing was blown out of proportion and now I just hope we can live up to the hype".

    Larry Kirchner


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      I especially like the part where he is talking about where the girl is torturing the guy, and acts like she is cutting of his genitals.

      That's scary... ...but not in a haunted house sort of way.

      Also, having young girls in his haunt? Can we say petaphile? (sp?)

      I have to agree. I think that he should be shut down. Y'know this story is going to start a trend, and there will be more and more pop up like this because of the publicity.

      I may have to get a copy of that Mag, Larry. I would be interested in reading more about it.
      - Glenn Campbell

      Haunted Hotel - Louisville, KY
      Industrial Nightmare - Jeffersonville, IN


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        Mall of the Dead Update

        If you check their website now, it will tell you they're shut down for good!

        I heard about it while I was at Silo X tonight because the news was out
        in force at the attraction. Turns out the haunted house who made CNN, front page of Yahoo, and every single media in Saint Louis couldn't pay their actors.

        The parents of the actors and the actors themselves where on the news claiming none of their kids were paid. This even after they supposedly had lines around the building last weekend.

        I did an interview last week, where I said I thought it was trash, and not in line with what haunts across the country are doing or trying to take this holiday.

        I personally think he had so many people trashing the place, demanding their money back that they had no choice but to shut down. I'm telling you I haven't heard EVEN ONE person say it was good.

        Oh well...

        Larry Kirchner