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Rocky, Rocky, Rocky... way off topic but

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  • Rocky, Rocky, Rocky... way off topic but

    I saw the new Rocky movie tonight and let me tell you something this movie just ROCKS! This is a tear jerking movie that will play with your emotions from start to finish. When i first heard that Sly wanted to make another Rocky movie, I was like what the hell ever man, just beacuse your career is over you have to go back to this.

    I saw it coming a George Foreman knock off story...c'mon we can do without it! Thats what I and probably many others thought about another Rocky movie. But I'm here to tell you something...

    This Rocky movie might be the very best one, better than the original, surely better than they other 4 all put together! This movie has something for everyone, especially if you're an older or aging person. This movie is inspiring, this movie will have you in tears one minute and screaming ROCKY, ROCKY, ROCKY the next.

    Unlike the last 4 spin offs, this movie takes everything serious, with real boxers (Tarver), the whole HBO PPV cast of announcers, fights filmed in front of a real crowd in Vegas just prior to a Hopkins fight, and we even have Mike Buffer with his classic lets get ready to rumble.

    I give this movie 10 Stars and I mean TEN!!!

    Sly at 60 look atleast 20 years younger and is built like a cannon, but this movie is more than about a fight at the end. 90% of this movie is emotional roller coaster, that has no training, no fighting, nothing just Rocky's life after boxing after the death of his wife, after the glory days are over.

    Right now I can't think of a better made film in 2006 than this new Rocky movie and I really mean was AWESOME!

    Larry Kirchner

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    I have been pretty pumped up about this movie and it sounds like it is fantastic. I will probably go see it this weekend.
    Jared Layman


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      I have heard NOTHING but great things about this movie!!!! It was looked at as a joke by many but now the reviews are starting to change some opinions. Definetly will see this myself!!!


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        Mr. Tuxedo (Spookhouse cat) was planning upon going to see that new Rocky movie until I ruined it for him by telling him Rocky does not beat the snot out of that skinny little Swank girl in this movie, he gets his movies mixed up sometimes.
        Clint Eastwood just standing by watching Swank get beat, restraining himself from jumping on Rocky would be good to watch, someone practising restraint like that, of course what else could Clint do when Hillary Swank keeps saying, No Clint, don't ,I like the abuse, I like it!"


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          I have to agree Larry. THe film is one of the best. It is to me only second to the original.

          It really makes Rocky seem more believable, and real. Not the fantasy undersog hero you see in 2,3,4,5.

          The film really does have something for everyone. Wether you are new to the franchise, or a devoted fan of the films, it truely is a great way to close out the classic character.

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            I have been a huge Rocky fan forever. I own all 5 movies and have watched them each at least 50 times. When I heard a couple years ago that Sly was going to make another, I was very excited. Especially because I knew that he was very unhappy with how Rocky 5 turned out. He had stated that he did not have enough creative control on the last one and the story changed from his original idea.

            I went last night and sat in a sold out showing. My wife and I noticed that we were among the oldest people in the theatre, which is sad because we are only in our mid thirties. I was a little surprised that there were so many teenagers. A lot of them were not even born when the first Rocky came out. I guess it proves that everyone loves an underdog.

            I believe that all the Rocky movie have something good about them. I mean without Rocky Three, we may never have had the pleasure of enjoying the A-team or Hulk Hogan, It really launched both Mr. T and Hulks careers. This was by far the best sequel. The original still gets my vote for the best of the series.

            This movie is great for any fan of the Rocky movies. I love the way they mad it more realistic. There were quite a few parts that made me laugh out loud. Pauly has some great lines in the movie. It was great to see flashes of most of the major characters from the past. Creed, Spider Rico, Adrian, Clubber, Ivan but most of all the couple quick shots of Mickey. I hate to admit it but even to this day when I watch part 3 I cry when Mickey dies. They also show a lot of the familiar set locations from the past which ads greatly to connecting all the films together.

            Over all this movie is a 10 out of 10. No let downs here. Even if you've never seen a Rocky movie, go see this one. It is emotional and inspirational. It shows one mans love and devotion to his family and his career as well as the determination to succeed no matter how hard life gets.

            Although Sly has stated this will be the last of the Rocky films, I wonder. I am sure that the weekend box office numbers will be huge and that this movie will be number one by far. They left a lot of possibilities for another movie with the new characters introduced. I hope so. I will go see Rocky 7, 8, 9, 10.....

            Howie "Slobber" Erlich
            Deadly Intentions Haunted House
            Chris Riehl


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              Keep your hands up! Way to go, Rocky Balboa!


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                Come on, admit it, every haunter's favorite non-scary movie is "Field Of Dreams",
                "Build it and they will come!"


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                  no my favorite non scary movie would either be napoleon dynimite or pee wees big adventure.
                  im not allowed to watch rocky movies anymore,when the movies done i think im rocky.wife says i hit to hard


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                    Sort of like sitting watching a stock car or demo race, then when it's over driving like a maniac all the way home. (Don't watch pornos if you are supposed to chaperone the Girl Scout outing!)


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                      Ok, I know this is old but I finally saw this last night. This is a great movie, very well done. To be honest it really isn't even a boxing movie, its more like a life after boxing movie with a little bit of boxing thrown in at the end. Anyway I thought it was a really good movie.
                      Jared Layman


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                        Ok, and for you fans of Rocky 5, you may find it interesting that Sage Stallone now has a great horror connection as he runs Grindhouse Releasing.

                        The word for the day is NPD. Check it out.


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                          Saw it back in Dec and liked it. Kind of plays a lot to any middle aged man that wonders what if and wonders if he still has anything in the tank.
                 Or if you need makeup or supplies

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                            You mean the guys that wander around always half-tanked?
                            (Or would that simply be a half-track?)