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  • Need insight please!

    Hey gang,

    Iv'e been asked to write an article for a haunt magazine but i would like a little input to base my info off of before i just go writing. The articles about advertising haunts.

    IF you care to share im curios what size haunt(small, medium or huge attraction) do you run and a roundabout on what you spend on advertising yearly between TV and radio.

    Im also curious how you recruit new talent as this will also be part of the sedgeway into how we combine it with advertising. When i know the print date i'll make sure everybody gets a heads up.

    Again this is only if you want to help out, if you don't want to share please don't.

    Thanks, Kevin

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    41 veiws and not one response except Jim's through a PM, thats sad i didn't think it was that big a secret.

    Thanks anyhow haunt community