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    The tour is now officially over 1,000 different people ... yes over 1,000 different people will attend this tour.

    Today we broke the record of the previous day and its looking up up up ...

    Maybe before the show happens we'll be up to 1,200 people.

    I'm using this as an estimate as to how many people will attend the show itself. I'm predicting 2,000 people will attend the show.

    Based on how many booths have been sold (not enough) the show will be overstocked with buyers!

    This will be packed wall to wall people!

    If you are a vendor who hasn't bought a booth you will miss out for sure!

    Larry Kirchner


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      For what its worth, I am buying at the show. Dont think I am going to buy any animations this year, but I do want a bunch of smaller stuff. Also, I am bringing 5 of my crew. They will not be buying anything, but rather they are coming along for the education as well as to make suggestions to the guy with the check book. Ohhh, I am also going to tell them to not pick up any catalogs, or at least just get one that they can all share. Or if you need makeup or supplies

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