As the days draw closer to the Haunt show and the Columbia Haunt Tour I want everyone driving to the tour to make sure they have the correct directions to Fearfest.
We have had some issues with Google and other map guides sending our customers to the wrong locations because of horse play by other people online.

Directions to Fearfest are VERY simple.

Hwy 70 West to EXIT 121 (Fayette exit) veer off to your right and we are just over the hill on the right hand side.

I dont want anyone to have trouble finding either of the haunts.
If you need further assistance please dpont hesitate to PM me or call me on my cell phone at (573)881-7061.

I'm looking forward to seeing you on Friday nite Fearfest doors open at 8PM and stop selling tickets at 1AM

To order your tickets go to www.columbiahaunttour.com

Tickets have been selling great and seating is limited so get yours today.
White Knight Limousine was able to aquire another tour bus for our overflow but that bus is almost full AND IT WILL BE OUR LAST ONE!!! Get your tickets TODAY!
Thank you,