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Sneak Peek: New Devices from Lights Alive

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  • Sneak Peek: New Devices from Lights Alive

    The boards, cases and components have arrived and production has begun. Here's a sneak peek at the first two members of the Mantis family of prop/event controllers we will be demonstrating at the Haunts and Attractions show next week. The Mantis family takes controllers to a whole new level with list of features far too extensive to list here. Come see them in action at Booth #815.

    The micro uses rotary (analog) controls to quickly set an otherwise all digital device. Those controls consist of a PRE DELAY to adjust the amount of time between when a trigger is received and when the action takes place. The EVENT TIME control determines how long an event (prop jumping, light lighting, fogger fogging, etc) takes place. And the POST DELAY determines the amount of time before the device can be triggered again.

    The mini is a trainable controller using the "key-banger" approach to record and play back the user's actions.

    Unique to the Mantis family of products is our Lights Alive Direct Connect. Connection between any Mantis controller and any Mantis sensor or trigger is as simple as plugging in cable. No electronics knowledge is needed and no configuration is required. Click, click, done! It's that easy. The LADC connection supplies power to the sensor in addition to the trigger circuit. We also provide a link light to confirm communication between the Mantis controller and Mantis sensors or triggers. In addition to the modular LADC connection, screw terminals are provided to accommodate third-party triggers.

    The microMANTIS and miniMANTIS are available *in a quality housing, as a built and tested board without case or as an unassembled kit.

    Along with our Mantis controllers and standard triggers, we will be showing the first in a long series of Mantis intelligent Sensors, all of which are microprocessor controlled. The Infrared Beam Interrupt sensor is an easy and reliable way to positively identify when someone crosses the beam path. You will have no more concerns about false triggering with PIR (passive infrared) sensors. With it's LADC connection, it is up and running with just the click of a modular plug. Click, click, done! For those who want to use this sensor with third-party controllers, a simple adapter with screw terminals is available. When the ultimate range is needed, we also offer a remote infrared transmitter that will double the range.

    Soon after Transworld, we will be rolling out multi-channel Mantis controllers with and without audio. Additional Mantis Intelligent Sensors are just around the corner as well.

    Steve Peterka
    Lights Alive

    Here are some photos:
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    Steve Peterka
    Lights Alive