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Are These Guys Awsome Or What!!!

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  • Are These Guys Awsome Or What!!!

    Its late in the ball game and at this point I don't see there being a conflict of interest with Larry and his tour. I told Larry I would not talk about the dinner here and I have not. He has two sold out tours and looks like it is a success and I wish him the best! All those attending will have a blast. Everyone will have fun! Now about this thread.

    I just wanted to come out and say a big Thank You to the following vendors who was gracious enough to make a donation to the dinner.

    1 Screamline studios
    2 Morris Costumes
    3 Ghoulish Gallery
    4 Nightmare Park
    5 Sinister Scents
    6 Gore Galore
    7 Unit 70
    8 Froggys Fog
    9 Haunted Keepsakes
    10 Jakes Steak House

    I myself will be donating a pair of monser masher shoes size 11-14 with a 5" lift retail $200.00 not to be confused with the Freddy Nikes I donated to the HHA.

    Again please visit these guys at their booths at TransWorld and Thank Them for their support and hard work. Shane and its Remember whatever your doing have a safe and fun trip! Shane this time.

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    its gonna be a blast shane big thanks to you for the set up and to the vendors donating .. only a few more days =]
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      Thanks but Thank these AWSOME VENDORS AND EVERYONE BE SURE TO BUY, BUY, BUY FROM THEM! Shane and its they are the best! Shane this time


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        Shane whats being given away for each vendor?
        Jesus loves you, but everyone else thinks you're an asshole.


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          Well here is a few.

          Pics from Ghoulish Gallery, I have got wall mounts from Gore Galore, cases of fog juice from Froggys Fog, I have donated a pair of monster masher shoes myself, CD's, Weapons from Screamline, Donations from Ken at Sinister Scents, to a static prop from Unit70, orniments from Haunted Keepsakes and all in between! Shane and its and theres more! Shane this time!


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            Just a reminder!

            Be sure to say Thanks to all the great vendors! Shane and its give them a BIG THANKS! Shane this time!


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              Hey Shane, if it is not too late, Email me RFR Will Donate man.

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