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  • Free Music for your Haunted Attraction!

    Dear fellow Haunters,
    My name is Robert Frankenberg, for the next few weeks I will be in my new studio in NYC and would like to know if anyone needs any themes for anything? I am a new face to the industry but have been in this glorious industry for 5 years now attending transworld and MHC. Hope all is well with everybody. If anyone would like me to write a peice for them I will be more then happy to do it for free just so I can get everybody familiar with me and my work. If you would like to hear previous things I have written please check out my page at and also check out the website although it is not up and running completely yet. Please if there is anyone out there who needs music for there attraction this year or anything in particular please give me a email at
    Thank you,
    Dr. Fingers Frankenberg
    CEO Symphonic Sacrifices INC

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    Dark Anticipation

    I listened to some of your demos - quite a variety, good stuff.

    OK, here's something I've wanted but not found: I call it Dark Anticipation. Ya know how in those upscale theme parks (Disney, Universal, ...) how when you walk around they play subtle new age stuff (Narada etc) to heighten your mood? I want similar but different.

    In the queue line I play Midnight Syndicate or Nox Arcana because it adds both class and fear. But in the approach lane, minutes from entry, I want to build anticipation. Still with class, symphonic like (music, not SFX), but dark and ominous and building to a terrible height. For me, it should be short and loopable - 30sec, 1min, and 3min (whatever) flavors. I plan to use it on each group triggered by sensor.

    So that's one idea, for what it's worth. Thanx for asking!
    Your Pain, My Thrill...
    Haunted Mines - Colorado Springs


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      shoot me an email I would love to work on this for you


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        I sent an email about your music
        Midnight Evil Productions
        Owner/Operator of


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          I checked out your myspace..Very nice work! I'm sorry to say but I like it way better than Midnight Syndicate lol.
          ~Bill Mlinac
          The Deadland Haunted House



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            Nicely produced music my friend!

            All the best to you!!
            Virgil: Master Of The Ethermuse


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              So nice to see that the few of us in this industry all know each others work, I've listened to yours before love it, Thank you, And as far as midnight syndicate goes, We just have different styles of writing, Mine is more of a movie score kind of technique where theres is for moods and atmospheres but I can do that to! lol