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  • A buisnessy type question

    Is there a "best way" to warn potential victims of a "bad seed" in the industry?
    I'm talking un-ethical, non-professional, untrustworthy types.

    I'm looking for a friendly warning, disclaimer in nature - no full blown attacks.

    Any suggestions to save the innocent from being taken?

    cuz you know "one bad apple spoils the whole bunch."
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    post a vague question on message boards?
    Then proceed to give hints based upon their astrology for everyone to figure out?
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      He has a vendor / industry issue board for that type of complaint. Stick to the facts and don't embellish. for the very best items on the net.


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        Sometimes the best thing you can do is to make people aware of the kind of behavior and warning signs that haunters should be aware of without actually mentioning the name.

        Example - if someone is hiring you to work on their event, but there are significant disrepancies about their business names and addresses over the last 3 or 4 years ... be wary. That kind of thing ...
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          Its your duty as a sister to your haunt family to help protect them. Place the facts on the table and let each one decied from there. If you save 1 person the money and heartache from getting ripped off then you have did a great thing!

          Now that money can go to a good hard working vendor then you have did another great thing you have helped a buyer and vendor all at once!!! Everyone knows where I stand on this and I think others should stand up and help each other. This goes the same for a bad buyer its a two way street! Shane and its Katie lay it out for us and lay it out now before the show! Shane this time!


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            I agree with Shane. You should make it known with the facts of the incident(s) and leave it at that. Buyers can review the information and from there decide if they want to risk a similar issue, and that way it's similar to a Better Business Bureau complaint and not a personal attack.
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              A lot of great advice, I shall digest and decide!
              Do Vegan Zombies eat heads of lettuce?


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                Its no different than the travel sites do with hotels. Guests can offer comments, you read through them and decide for yourself if you want to do business with that hotel.

                In the huant industry I think it is even more critical because vendors that are not performing are taking money from vendors that are doing business the right way. If the strong vendors had the dollars lost with bad vendors, theoretically they should be able to provide better service with more resources, given that they don't over commit themselves.

                Maybe with the extra money they can have an office person to answer phones and do customer service.