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  • Fright Kingdom!!!

    I was at Fright Kingdom in Nashua, NH yesterday to visit and I gotta tell ya... What a place! I've been before but they've expanded to a space more than twice the size and they're already well into the rebuild and going at a rapid pace to ready for the season. I was also impressed with their progress and their constant DEADication to detail being such a large haunt and all. I do believe this will be a great year for haunters. We've gotten off to a great start in March already. Hope you all do as well. Kudos to Fright Kingdom for keeping up the good work!!

    James Lurgio
    Nightmare Productions

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    I was there last week and you're not kidding! I've never seen such an enormous space. The break room alone is big enough to make a good sized haunt out of, lol! Tim's got some great plans for it so I'm really glad to have had the opportunity to check it out at the beginning stage.

    Tim, keep us updated on the progress with photos as you build.