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    It's the #1 question I was asked last year (well, not counting all the usual ones about clowns, chainsaws, and touching) ...

    "What is that song that plays in all your commercials?"

    The song is called "STAY" and it's featured, along with a full hour of original music and soundscapes, on our new ScareHouse cd.

    This is not what you might expect from a haunted attraction soundtrack. As more than one person has said, many of these tracks might sound more at home in a dance club than in a haunted house ...

    You can get a preview of some of the tracks by our in-house musicican "Delirium Dog" at

    .... and you can now buy the cd, and a few other fun things, at our online store:

    I'm sure most of you have seen this by now, but here's how the music was used in last year's award-winning trailer. This will be a big part of my seminar next Friday at Transworld...

    Scott Simmons
    The ScareHouse / Undead Productions Inc.

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    OH man I remember that trailer. That is the best one out of all of em! And believe you me I've seen alot of em. The music is perfect, you integrate music with audio and you have awesome camera movement with perfect timing. I worked as a video editor during my highschool years to pay for my truck... Sorry I'm drooling.
    Its A Verbal Orgy on Steroids!


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      USPS dropped mine off last night. AWESOME Stuff.

      It is def. different than most or any haunt CD I know of out there. I'm loving it. In fact we are going to have Scott from Scarehouse and Glenn the composer of the CD on RFR. We are doing the interviews this weekend.

      "The Original Haunt Industry, Halloween and Horror Podcast"

      "Bringing Halloween to Disabled and Less Fortunate Children"


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        That video was awesome! very professional and a great way to introduce the actors of a haunt, good soundtrack as well.
        ~Bill Mlinac
        The Deadland Haunted House