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    Anyone out there using timed ticketing at a multiple attraction event? How do you make that work? I has me lost.

    As a side note, has anyone tried to set up a online ticketing portal yourself through zencart or similar?

    Randy Russom
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    We have toyed with timed ticketing for the last couple of years, and it won't work well at all for our event. The 1 positive: keeping people out of line and doing other activities... is countered with 1000's of other negatives. (teenagers boozing in the parking lot, people missing their time slot, etc). However, it is pretty intreaging to hear from someone this actually works for.

    Also, does anyone use timed ticketing for a multiple attraction event?
    Patrick Barberry


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      Coming this year

      We are going to have VIP timed tickets here at the farm. They will purchase their VIP tickets online for a specific time period and then when they arrive they will advance to the front of the line. We will see how well that is going to work.


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        We used it this past year for our speedpass and had great results. Our biggest complaint has been our long lines and the timed ticketing alleviated the wait for those who choose to purchase their tickets that way. The others had to wait.



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          Nervously considering it too

          We're considering Timed Ticketing too this year, or possibly the "Now serving..." model. Or a mix of all three. We don't quite know.

          We're very interested in knowing more about the pro's and con's of this system. Our goal is to improve the "overall visitor experience", in particular the long waits in line to get in. But too, we wonder if the long lines also generates more demand? "Hey, look at all those people in line.... it must be good! Lets get our tickets before it sells out!" I dunno....

          We also wonder if customers have an optimistic view of long lines: They think they'll get thru in under an hour, even if it takes two, so they buy tickets. But if we do timed tickets and say "Your entry time is 11pm" and it's 8pm then they'll say "oh that's too late, nevermind" and we loose a sale.

          It would be nice if we had an impromptu forum on this at TW! I'll be asking around about it.

          So, if you have any experience with Timed Ticketing, please reply!
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            Randy, get in touch with Tony Wohlgemuth at Spookywoods in NC. His member name is twohlgemuth and you can just send him a PM. They have been using timed ticketing for about 2 years now for their multiple event attraction. Good luck.
            Nate Mitchell|creative consultant
            [n8 creative studios]