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  • HHA -TAP Benefit

    I was just at the Fun Expo in Las Vegas (I'll do a detailed article in a future Hauntworld mag)

    I had seen that a benefit of HHA was a subscription to TAP (Tourist Attractions & Parks) magazine. It had been a benefit of the IAHA membership. The IAHA section was deleted the last issue I received. I was looking at a TAP magazine in their booth and talking to the editor. The new issue at the booth had a banner of NEW HAUNTED SECTION on the cover and features the HHA !! I was questioning the editor (not stating if I was even in the industry much less in any association) on the switching of associations. He stated that they felt the Haunt Industry was a vital component of the overall entertainment industry and they just felt the HHA better served the interests of its industry!!

    After the explanation I stated that not only had I been an IAHA member but a former Board Member and I too had switched to the HHA. We had a pretty lengthy discussion on the industry!

    So even as we are having just our first “formal” meeting in St. Louis it is good to know that outside our industry the HHA is already getting a very positive buzz! And the TAP subscription is really only a HHA benefit, despite other’s claims. Oh..and as I ug through the mount of mail...there was my new TAP magazine!!
    R&J Productions
    Las Vegas, NV

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    Maybe you can confirm this but it is now my understanding that IAAPA bought out IELI or whatever it is ... they now own the Fun Expo and the assoiciation itself. Did you hear about this?

    Larry Kirchner