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  • Stupid Web Host...

    Just changed services and I'll be damned if I am not having problems. A few days ago, I couldn't access anything. FTP, the Cpanel, the site, nothing. I called in and they told me it was propagation and it would be 72 hours before it worked right. Didn't make sense because it had already been a week since the switch. He did something with my IP address and everything works for me now, but I have a feeling it still doesn't show for the rest of the world.

    If yer still awake and bored, could you check out my "under construction" page and let me know if you get a does-not-exist message?
    To look meant danger, to smile meant death!

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    Kurt, I got the "under construction" message(s). I couldn't stop reading! LOL

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      Awesome! Thank you!
      To look meant danger, to smile meant death!


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        It took me to a porn site. Just kidding but yahoo poped up.
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          Lt. Green Sceen-Under Construction.. I liked the yodeling!
          If any of you didn't have your sound turned up, go back, hear it.
          I always thought I'd like to have a comp. chip with yodelling on it, hooked to a small speaker, set to echo effects hidden in the back of my pants.
          It's the thought that counts!
          A certain haunter was here last night with non-stop bombasts emminating from his pants, courtesy of Wendy's Chili..several times, every room for the entire tour......gads!


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            Something in the Ice: Yeah, thats what it kept doing to me... Brings up a search page as if the page didn't exist. I called them again today and they said it had something to do with conflicting DNS's. Hopefully it's fixed for good this time.

            Jim: Glad you liked that. I picked up a whole collection of production audio recently. Some of it is pretty ridiculous, but it all has a place. Hahaha... I like the speaker idea. It'd be funny to do that in a grocery store or something... Pretend like you're the only one who doesn't hear it.
            To look meant danger, to smile meant death!


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              It worked fine....And nice music! lol!!!
              PEACE, ADAM


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                Worked for me too
                That's the scariest music i've heard in a long tine
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                  Wow, funny site dude! lol lol lol
                  I love the under construction message.
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                    Thanks again, everyone, for checking it out! Glad you liked it!
                    To look meant danger, to smile meant death!