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  • TransWorld 2010 Show Dates

    Hello Everybody-

    The TransWorld 2009 Haunt and Attractions Show is going to be a great success... We have over 4,000 registered buyers and more exhibitors and products than ever before!!!

    With the excitement of this year's upcoming Haunt and Attractions Show, we would like to announce our 2010 show dates.

    Please join us again in St. Louis at the America's Center, February 19-21, 2010.

    We look foward to seeing everyone in 2 weeks!!

    Thanks again for your countinued support.

    Jen Braverman
    Transworld Exhibits

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    Well, that just sucks... Or if you need makeup or supplies

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      Dont worry folks it want be cold! LOL I just checked and St. Louis has the same temps as Chicago that time of year. But then again this is about lower rates not the temps. Thanks for the heads up but good lord lets get through the 2009 one first lawd! Shane and its Larry will make an announcement on the Darkness Tour 2010 shortly! Shane this time!


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        This is about the SHOW ITSELF not haunt tours...

        Fun Expo needs to move to the midwest all of these sorts of shows need to be driving shows, more affordable. I think 2010 is going to be about trying to BUILD THE SHOW BIGGER FOR THE BUYERS! BUILD THE BASE FOR THE VENDORS... not a haunt tour.

        I can tell you this as for a haunt tour... probably not. This is killing me mentally, its exhausting our staff, too much pressure and zapping my bank account. I think something different should be planned.

        If I did another haunt tour unless I did a total overhaul like we did this year I wouldn't do it again. I doubt we'd invest this much time and money into something like this again. WOW this has been stressfull...

        So again not about the tours, its about the show!

        The Darkness was opened to help the vendors believe it or not, and I put my money where my mouth was. The Darkness brought people to this show and tons of them... now we need to build a new tradition without the help of a haunt tour, the show itself needs to be the main or only reason to come.

        As for weather here... it doesn't snow or rain in February. In St. Louis it only snowed ONE TIME ALL WINTER and that was back in December. I have a baseball team and we started practice outside in February. Somedays it is cold somedays its warm, but not windy and no snow.

        I'd rather have the show in March but whatever works...

        Moving the show back even more will only go to help other shows like MHC and Hauntcon. Clear out more space between Transworld and their events.

        Larry Kirchner


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          Wow, this is a little early to say the least. I know everyone is excited about the Haunt Show, but no one really knows its outcome until the show is over. Either way this isn't final as we all know with Transworld. They can never make up their mind. It will first be in St.Louis, then in Rosemont and then in Las Vegas and then they will finally make up their mind after months of diliberating. I think the show is going to be a success and it's really shaping up to be a fun and profitable event. Please consider Louisville, KY for next year's haunt show though. It has a great convention center and it's a great place period. Having it in February is going to make it difficult for Christmas Vendors to attend since many are closing down their event in Janurary.
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            Larry I will direct this at you.

            This is a one time thing I will tell you. I do realize how stressful this can be and I can say honestly say I do hope it works out for you. Your doing alot of things I think I would never do or anyone else as far as making a statement . I realize you say its to inspire but I look at it as a way to show off either way I wish you the best.

            On a side note you know thats what makes us all different and all haunts different. No matter how big or small each and every haunt offers something different. Anyway I am drifting good luck with it Larry and go out and pat your crew on the backs they deserve it! Shane and its in case you dont understand Larry I am giving you a compliment! Shane this time!

            Noah you know I loved it in Chicago in Feb!!! With my company right now were in the middle of Easter stuff and will get back to Christmas in May for us! However this gives me a little less stress because I will have to still be directing my crews from TransWorld this year! Anyway as far as location again I would love to see it move around! More haunts to see. As far as the dates in the words of Judge Judy! Perfect!! Oh my Birthday is on Feb 21 I expect to have one hell of a Birthday Party!
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              Wicked sweet, thats great news! As for the haunt tours, larry haunting is in your blood you damn well know with that many haunters in town you'll have them come check out the Darkness. I'm sure that Necropolis and FearFest will open again too but, lets get through this one first. I'm looking forward to this my first trade show and coming back next year.
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                Let me say this honestly... and yes I to some degree agree with Noah, he's right things can change and maybe they will who knows for sure in this industry.

                With that being said let me say this ... I will work with Transworld to make the show bigger, not so much on a haunt tour. Also maybe we can plan other tours to other haunts in other area's not far away or plan other fun events or something. I don't know if I can put myself through this again.

                I did say last year that we would consider some sort of tour through Creepyworld but it would have to be a daylight tour of the attraction and to be honest I don't know if that is possible.

                No matter the focus must be on the VENDORS NOT our haunt...

                Its not about our haunt, its about making a bigger show. We must for our industries future find more vendors, marketing companies to bring you opportunity, we need more supply companies, more technical services, blah, blah.

                The focus of 2010 should be on the show... the Darkness is open to draw the people in now we need the show to do that by itself. I already know people are going to say there wasn't enough vendors, not as big, but its the first year, the feet are planted on the ground now, now we can make the next step and really help our business and industry.

                Larry Kirchner


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                  Awesome news! -Tyler
                  Chris Riehl


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                    To bad the dates are not set for March again. I would hate having to drive down in a bad snow storm. Oh well
                    ~Bill Mlinac
                    The Deadland Haunted House


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                      Haunt Tours 2010

                      I think its time for Monty to open one of the four haunts in Kansas City or even all four of them. What do you think maybe Transworld can talk him into doing this. I know its a drive from St. Louis but I think alot of folks would enjoy this.


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                        Cool news!! I'm really looking forward to it as I will probably be able to attend next year!! I've already started to pass word around!! Went to the show one time in Chicago. Terrific show! Can't wait to see it in St. Louis!!
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                          It's good to see it's not gonna be in Chicago again! Im deffinately in again for this one.

                          And Larry, you can always open up again next year, and not totally overhaul it.

                          Yeah, erecting a new building and pretty much re-doing the entire haunt can make you grow more grey hairs! But, you can easily open again next year without doing all that kind of stuff again.
                          Brad Bowen
                          Owner/Operator of the Ultimate Fear Haunted House in Shreveport, LA


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                            Not many of you know Jim Kelly very well but he's a partner here at HPI, and he was saying to me today that it feels like September. He's done.

                            We're all done and we won't make the total deadline here we just won't.

                            We're all done!

                            Tired, stressed, and ready to call it a day. I'm officially going on some sort of vacation with Patti and the kids in April.

                            Larry Kirchner


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                              If Monty would open that would be great! Those are some cool haunts in some amazing old buildings.

                              Don't think it will happen, but we can hope!

                              Ben Armstrong
                              NETHERWORLD HAUNTED HOUSE