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  • The new home of Fright Kingdom

    Hello everyone,

    I would like share some pics of the brand new space for Fright Kingdom.

    For the last 4 seasons we have run our show out of a 17,000 sq. ft. all indoor space that worked very well for us because stayed set up and were able to add to the attractions all year long anytime we wanted, but we were pretty much built-out to capacity square footage wise and didn't have much room for further expansions.

    The company next door to our event is a big box furniture retailer and they decided to downsize. Long story short it was worked out prior to last season that they would move from their 50,000 plus sq. ft space into our space and we would move into their old space.

    So at the end of the 2008 haunting season we strike down everything we had built and added to over the last 4years at this location and moved out of our space and stored everything. It took about 15 of us 10 long days to breakdown, pack-up, move out and restore the space to its original condition. (A huge thanks again to the Fright Kingdom crew for doing such a great guys are the best!!) We had painted all the floors black in our 3-D Clown House and after the walls were down we ended up pretty much repainting all the floors in the whole space.

    It was a sad task to breakdown and see the space empty to say the least but we looked forward to expanding and growing the event.

    We got green lighted to move into the new space two weeks ago and we worked this past weekend setting up our Victorian haunt "Bloodmere Manor". This coming weekend we will try and get the 3-D haunt put together and then its on to our brand new 3rd attraction.

    More pics coming soon...enjoy!

    Tim Dunne
    Proud Member of the HHA
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    Tim Dunne
    Proud Member of the HHA

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    I am ridiculous jealous of your new space, I really want to put a bid on a grocery store or something huge like that for an indoor scare park. Great snag.
    This kind of reaffirms what Larry was saying about hard times being good for haunted houses.
    Allen H


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      AWESOME. I remember us talking about you moving it when RFr was out there in Oct.

      TONS of room and I can only imagine what you are going to do with it.

      I am looking forward to seeing it in action this Oct man.

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        Awesome pics and congrats on the move! -Tyler
        Chris Riehl


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          I too am insanely jealous of your new space. You are a very lucky person to have all the space to play with. Sheeze if I had all that I'd be gitty! Vincent This Time!
          Its A Verbal Orgy on Steroids!


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            That's insane Tim! I can't wait to see it Friday. This year is going to be off the hook! I'm really looking forward to seeing what you do with such a massive indoor event. It's great that you will be hosting the New England Haunters gathering there this summer also. You're other spot was big but it should take you a while to grow out of this one!



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              Tim, that's freakin AWESOME! You can host a convention and a haunt tour all in the same place! When do you add the hotel rooms? Way to go and congratulations!:grin:

              Kelly Allen
              Raycliff Manor Haunted Attraction


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                Hey Tim,

                Looks like it's starting to come together. Looking forward to checking it out over the summer.



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                  That's awesome! I'm in the middle of looking for a new location myself. Congrats on the move
                  ~Bill Mlinac
                  The Deadland Haunted House


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                    Congratulations!!!! Can't wait to see it this summer at the ECHC Gathering!

                    Director of Actors


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                      That is amazing! I am beyond jealous!
                      Can't wait to see what you do with all your new space!
                      Zach Wiechmann


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                        I just got back from seeing this place in person. It's unbelievable! There is tons of space not shown in these photos for a giant work area, huge kitchen, entertainment room, offices and more. It was great to be able to see it before the haunts are finished. Tim gave me the grand tour and this year will be insane for Fright Kingdom with the plans he has in store. As he brought me into each room I figured that was it only to see another cavernous space around the corner.

                        Tim, if you have time you should run through the place with a video camera and post it to you tube on this thread so people can get an idea of just how huge this building is before the haunts get too far along. You can't tell from the photos.

                        We were over there checking out how the new HHA membership cards came out and they look really sweet! I think everyone will like them and the value they have for discounts at the show.

                        Congratulations Tim on getting that dream space to operate in, you earned it.



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                          Congratulations, Tim! You guys should have a blast expanding into this space. Can't wait to see it!
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                            CONGRATS! It must be good feeling to be able to stretch your arms and not touch the walls. Nothing creative space to do your thing!
                            GOOD LUCK with it!!
                            PEACE, ADAM