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Renaissance Grand For $55.00 per night!

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    I did it a few weeks ago when it was posted the first time. It worked like a charm. I would hate to pay full price now knowing you can do this with PriceLine. Shane, do you type in 55 for all cities and hotels or do you try different amounts depending on where you are trying to stay?




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      Just booked my room over Priceline at the Renaissance for $55. I canceled my old reservation at the Hampton that was going to cost $120 a night.

      Thanks for the info Shane, I appreciate it.
      Jordan Renda


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        Thanks Shane, I did the same thing just now. I had reservations at the Mayfair. $377.00 for 3 nights. I booked through Priceline and got the Renaissance for $55.00 a night!!! Thanks Shane!! I owe you.


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          Yes it depends on the city were in. We did some work for a mall in Dallas and we stayed at the Hotel ZAZA beautiful hotel! The rooms are over $200 per night and we got in there for $45.00 a night!! Shane and its saving a ton! Shane this time!

          P.S. I look forward to meeting you ar TW Eric.


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            I booked Thursday nite at the ren for $55 bucks! Thanks Shane!
            Greg Allen


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              Through I got the $55 a night rate at the Renaissance, too! You just saved me more than $250!!! Thanks Shane!!!!!
              Happy Haunting,

              Adam Drendel
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                Is it just me or does anyone else find it strange that these rates can be had this close to the show?? I hope this is not an indication of overall bookings at the hotel.


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                  thanks for the info... if jared or bill wants to try that then they can do it lol. Im fine with the 59 rate I got with my employee discount. That's pretty good they did lower then associate rate.
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                    Great advice, just now booked 4 rooms at the Ren, all at $55 a night! You've also redeemed my faith in Priceline a bit.

                    This past weekend I used Priceline for a hotel in Vegas, I requested a 5 Star hotel strip north, which as far as I knew, should have been Venetian, Palazzo, Wynn, or Encore. When they booked it for me, it was the Trump. The Trump is not on the strip, and there is no casino, so I felt this was misleading. Don't get me wrong it was a beautiful hotel, but I was ticked at Priceline.

                    Well, thanks to Shane, my faith is restored, for now. Shane, you should call them and see if you can replace that Shatner guy.

                    I see some free drinks at the Ren bar heading in Shane's direction!

                    For everyone else, at some point these rooms are gonna run out, but you should still end up at a 4 star hotel, in the vicinity. But like I said, at one point, someone will try it and not get the Ren hotel.

                    Also, FYI rooms are guaranteed to have accomodations for 2 adults, so if 3 or 4 dudes were planning on sharing a room, and you get one this way, you could end up with a King bed, could make for some cramped quarters!

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                      Thanks Shane ....

                      Just booked 2 rooms for $55 a night for 4 nights at the Ren. Nice. Now does anyone know how to get free Blues tickets??

                      Waken Productions


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                        No I will just keep the $59.00 price.
                        Jared Layman


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                          What a deal! Hampton Inn is cancelled.

                          Haunts/Blood Lake crew of 4 will now be at the Renaissance with the rest of you! Can't wait!

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                            I am really feeling pumped up here!

                            I am so glad that everyone has taken my advice and It makes me feel good to know the money you guys save will be taken in by the vendors. EVERYONE WINS HERE! People saving money, Vendors getting more money from the saved bucks on the rooms and me feeling good about the whole thing! Look forward to seeing you guys!!! Shane and its better hurry guys these rooms want last long! Shane this time.


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                              OK guys, we need to all get together and do something great for Shane this time. Find out what his room number is??????? We can short sheet his bed? Anyone in? We must throw a party in his honor!


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                                Full contact lap dance from Granny?
                       Or if you need makeup or supplies

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