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Renaissance Grand For $55.00 per night!

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  • Renaissance Grand For $55.00 per night!

    I have had several calls and several more saying Thanks Shane you saved me a ton. Follow my steps and you can stay in a 4 star hotel for the price of a roach motel!!

    2- go to
    3- click on name your own price start here tab
    4- put st. louis, check in dates and check out dates, you need and number of rooms and click bid now. press enter.
    5-then on the next page. On step one put a check into the box that says down town st louis and step two put 4 star hotel.
    6-put 55 in the name your price box ****note*** just put 55 not 55.00 or 55. Then put the names on the room box
    7- put your initials in the box after you read the agreement. Note you can not choose your hotel but even if you dont get the Ren Grand ( you will) you will still be downtown close to the center and not in a cheap ass motel!!!
    8-put your info in they ask for
    9- press find my hotel
    10- it will search and come back that you will be at the Ren Grand! Take your conformation number call the hotel and give them the number and tell them if you need 1 or 2 beds so they can make a note!!!

    Trust me I have told many and it worked for them. Everyone knows I am about honesty and saving!!! Its love to brag on what I saved and not what I spent!!!

    I will be releasing a book soon intitled Shane saved a ton bought St. Louis and Larry killed himself!! This will also be a made for TV movie!

    Just think the fun were all gonna have with your favorite Drama Queen all under 1 roof!!!! Shane and its see ya at the Ren Grand Hotel. Shane this time!!

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    Thanks for the heads up Shane! We booked through and at the time we were charged $139.00 per night for the Ren Grand! Even they are now showing an "average rate" of $93.oo per night. We're calling to have them match the new rate, which they guarantee they will do if rates drop. We're afraid to take a chance and try for the $55.00 per night, but you just saved three of us $46.00 per night. It looks like I owe you a drink!

    Kelly Allen
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      I've thought about doing that, but it's awful risky. What if I end up with a real crappy hotel instead of a 4 star? It ends up being around $71.07 after taxes and service fees, but that's still a deal. Do most hotels that accommodate 2 people care if you have third person in the hotel or do they force you to rent another hotel room for that person?
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        I just wouldn't tell them you had a third person. We crammed 6 into a room in Vegas and they said you were only suppose to have 2 adults.
        Jared Layman


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          Cheap Rooms

          Everyone listen to what Shane has to say. I have seven (7) booked their now through and saved almost $2000 verses the other hotels..
          These rooms may be close to being full now that Shane has let the cat out of the bag!!


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            This is what we did... although a few months ago, we paid $68 a night... still a great deal though! Take Shanes advice on this one! -Tyler
            Chris Riehl


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              We were going to stay at the Econo but my brother changed it today, now we are at the Grand and for less money. ya more money for beer , shots and props!
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                This is the only way to do it... I have been telling people for years go through PRICELINE. We get the best hotels in Rosemont for $60 bucks while everyone else paid thriple to five times the amount. We do this in Vegas and in Orlando we rent CONDOS with four rooms.

                Save baby save!

                Larry Kirchner


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                  just did it and got the 55 price!
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                    Hey Shane I just did it and wow I got that deal, Thanks Alot


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                      I am glad I can help my fellow Haunters!

                      Noah just for the record your guaranteed the hotel rating you choose. You cannot pick the hotel which as you can see I told everyone right. If you click 4 star thats what you will get. You cant click a 4 star and end up in the Moose Lodge!!! Again I am glad I could help you all. When we go and install new sets in malls this is what I use for my employees I swear by it and am sold on priceline. My employees get 4 star hotels for the price of the Raunch Rats Inn!

                      This is getting good lol I been offered drinks, meals, even a prop lmao believe it or not!! I will tell you after TransWorld what vendor it is and what I pick. JFYI I saved them $3400.00!!! Shane and its in the words of Ole Larry save baby save! Shane this time.
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                        Since Sh..."he whose name shall not be spoken" does not drink all gratuitous offers of Alcohol will be gladly fielded by The Doctor...we would not want good hospitality to go to waste now would we? JK glad to see lots of people benefiting and getting a nice close hotel to the show.


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                          Shane Buddy

                          You know I always have your back on all this stuff but I just talked to Kelly Collins and this is the story he told me. Oh and before I forget Fifty Five bucks for a room a whole night WOW! thats only 5 bucks more then seeing the darkness! And who can pass that up. Now on with the story

                          "I didn’t want to scare off the People but I was on an elevator about six months ago in Las Vegas and overheard a conversation. One guy was complaining that he was being kicked out of the hotel. He had booked and paid for his room on Priceline and had been there one night when the hotel told him he had to leave. Even though he had a confirmation with Priceline and a reservation confirmed with the hotel throughout the weekend, they said they were overbooked and needed his room. They told him to call Priceline with his complaint.

                          This guy was hot! He said he was having trouble finding a room and said he might have to leave."

                          I would hate for any of us to end up like that guy and have to deal with the travel companys tryng to find a room. I would also hope that if this did happen we would all come together and let whoever it is sleep in one of the many haunters rooms! See yall in St. Louis
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                            My friend I know you do. I have used priceline for ages. I think there must be more to the story than meets the eye. You are guaranteed your room its yours and its paid for. Now if someone gets kicked out. Yes thats between them and priceline. I would not worry I honestly think there was more to it than that!

                            Also if your not there by the time stated you can forfit your rooms. If your running late the day of your arrival just call them and give them the heads up! NO ONE WILL BE OUT IN THE COLD! I AM SURE OF IT! But your concern is appreciated. Shane and its dont be worried! Shane this time!

                            P.S. TATER BOOK YOUR ROOM


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                              Im staying with Witchypoo so i found a room no need to worry about me
                              Jesus loves you, but everyone else thinks you're an asshole.