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  • VEGAS Day One

    Well as some have stated it was a pretty slow day one. This is the first time that not only could I see down an aisle, I could probably “bowl”! Not only are there a lot of vendors missing, but those that have shown have scaled down tremendously. I’ll try and walk tomorrow and get more details, but as an example Cinema Secrets goes from an entire aisle, both sides to just THREE booths! One to two booths seems the norm where these same vendors had 10 or more booths in previous shows. Now I am sure that the economy has something to do with it, but many of these spaces were purchased months before the economic fall out.

    The biggest complaint so far is the "Haunt Pavilion". If you look at the TW site it appears that there are Haunt Vendors, they are listed on the floor plan and listed as exhibitors. The problem being that if you attend and expect to actually meet these vendors all you will see are a bunch of unmanned tables with either a catalog or a business card on them! It’s like they were added to make it appear there is more here than there is.

    I attended the Fashion Show. The space is a fraction of previous years and barely filled half the seats. There are usually people at the door giving you ONE or two drink coupons. This time, no tickets, just open bars!!! Half the bars didn’t even have anyone at them!!! Also this is the first year that there was still food available!!

    We’ll see what happens tomorrow. Maybe people are flying in Friday night to just spend the weekend. So again as a heads up, if you are thinking that you will see some Haunt Vendors in the “Haunt Pavilion” you will only see Haunted Enterprises and Shipwreck! No offense to either vendor, but its not exactly a Haunt section!! More tomorrow!
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    Pretty sad looking in those pics....



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      Wow, I feel sorry for the vendors who spent money to show their products at this show. This is just pathetic to say the least. This makes Halloween look like a much smaller industry than it is. If there is much press there and they report on this it's going to make the haunt industry look bad also. Lets hope to God there aren't news stations there to show this desert island known as The Halloween, Costume and Party Show.
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        That is who I feel sorry for the most, the vendors at this thing! I dont know how much they spent for a booth, but I know it is a lot, and then you have the costs of the hotels etc. God, TW fu77kd up bad!! Or if you need makeup or supplies

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          This looks depressing. And to think some in our industry were saying we'd be better off there... by the sights and sounds I'd say we're lucky at this point. I'll put money on this right now... there will be twice as many peopel attending the HAUNTSHOW in St. Louis than Houston and Vegas combined.

          I'll even go as far to say that the organizers of the Houston show will be in St. Louis checking out everything and then will make a play for our business.

          Rich thanks for the update and keep them coming.

          Larry Kirchner


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            It’s a shame this has happened with the Vegas show, but I saw it coming with the show split between Haunters and the Halloween side of the show, not to mention Houston.

            Regardless of whether or not the Vegas show was a flop this year, I really take issue with how Transworld promoted the show.
            Originally posted by ”Transworld Flier”
            Haunt Pavilion: Stop by the Haunt Pavilion to get a glimpse of the newest, creepiest and coolest props, animatronics and gear on the market!

            According to what has been posted here, there wasn’t a prop or animatronic to be found. Can you say “false advertising?”. LOL.

            Either way, it’s a good thing that the Vegas show was first. At least Vegas vendors will still have an opportunity to reserve space in St Louis if they want. I'm sure them showing in Vegas did them no good!
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