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    sounds to me like if you are not a fan of the novel you won't understand the movie nor will you like it much...sounds like you need a lot of backstory info to get it.

    I think I got it... don't see this movie unless you are a watchman fan.

    On another note BEN... Speed Racer was really awesome. It was so creative I mean over the edge creative. Was it what I wanted for a live action Speed Racer movie??? NO IT IS NOT WHAT I WANTED AT ALL... however I still liked it a lot.

    Larry Kirchner


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      I enjoyed the Watchmen. I never read the graphic novel but the film was filled with great story, back story and moral lessons. The action was just enough and I think it was well directed by Synder who continues to do a awesome job with his films.

      Also, I agree Larry. Speed Racer was NOT the film I wanted it to be. Not in the least, BUT the directing of it, cinematography, and over the top CGI was very entertaining and fun to watch.

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        Just go see it, you might like it. I doubt you have to read the story first. I heard that the movie was almost shot for shot the book. Kind of like Sin City was. Is this accurate?

        I will not see this movie, I hated the graphic novel. If I had been reading them issue by issue I would have never picked up the second issue. I got all of the social commentary, its just the genius of Allan Moore didn't blow me away. I am NOT an Allan Moore fan. And I am not a Zac Snyder or whatever the director's name is. I thought 300 sucked.
        Jared Layman


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          I was really surprised that we got to see Silk nude....that was worth the price of admission. However I do think they could have made the same movie in two hours. It just moved a little slow. Overall I liked it.
          Greg Salyers
          Fear Entertainment


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            actually i never read the graphic novel, but it still was easily followed...i mean i am sure if you got up and got popcorn in the middle somewhere you would be lost...i never heard of the watchmen before the movie came out...i will say this though, what the hell were they thinking with richard nixon's nose was over the

            maddi ~


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              Who Watches Watchmen?

              I overall really enjoyed the movie. After reading the novel i was suprised that the movie stuck as close as it did, usually film adaptions tend to fly way off base. The acting was commendable, though i was not a big fan of Malin Akerman as Silk Specter, i think that they could have found someone much better suited, but Jackie Haley brought it home with his portrayel of Rorschach. Cinematography was excellet and the directing was good.

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                I never read the novel comic or anything else... I thought it was long in the tooth but I did get it. I also got the hidden message and how the book being shipped at the end would start everything back up again. The story had a lot of truth about the human race and who destructive we really are, especially the bit about the book at the end. That to sell newspapers we'd start it all up again.

                It was okay, but I can see how most people would not like the movie. Seems like all the super heros really didn't have powers but the main blue guy who was almost like a God.

                Some of it was corny and Night Owl was clearly a rip off on Batman, Silk Spectre didn't get her she can just fight is that it? I was expecting something some powers or something.

                Ahh... it was okay.

                Larry Kirchner


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                  It's becoming apparent that Hollywood has forgotten Alfred Hitchcock
                  "The length of a film should be directly related to the endurance of the human bladder"

                  That being said I almost appreciated Watchmen for not making my head hurt. I was near the end of my sanity when Dark Knight finally wound up (Oh GOD HEAR MY CRIES OF ANGUISH! I GET IT! HE'S THE HERO WE NEED NOT THE ONE WE DESERVE-SHUT UP SHUT UP SHUT UP!)
                  Watchmen had everything it was suppose to- nifty special effects, an okay storyline, Dr Manhattan hung like a horse, unnecessary nudity, and a twist ending (which you could see coming a mile away.)
                  Considering that I normally judge movies in comparison with ones such as 'The Fountain' and "There Will Be Blood' and 'Spartacus' I consider this movie a success because I didn't really believe it would be anything more than an early season blockbuster.
                  Haven't we learned yet that the less hype a movie gets the more likely it will be awesome?
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