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Watchmen SUX!

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  • Watchmen SUX!

    Can't really recall a movie I paid to see that I hated more. Plus terrible crowd at a 7PM showing, maybe 50 people?

    My, aren't I the freaking bluebird of gloom and doom tonight?? Or if you need makeup or supplies

    "I am a frickin evil genius who deserves some frickin respect!"

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    Watchmen looks terrible. I read the trade a few years ago and didn't like it. The sad thing is that book is suppose to be some kind of work of art. The only thing I have ever read by Allan Moore that I liked was the Killing Joke. That is one of the BEST Joker stories ever. I will not go and see this movie. I might rent it and watch it if someone else pays for it. Harry Knowles liked it but that guy is an idiot.
    Jared Layman


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      Did anyone else see this movie yet?

      I thought it would be cool as hell.

      I'm hoping someone else has a good report.

      Larry Kirchner


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        It had great special effects, similar to "300". I think this was the longest movie I have ever seen. My feet were asleep when I stood up to leave, and I almost fell over!
        Dewayne Anglin

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          So was it good or bad? LOL

          Larry Kirchner


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            Man I was looking forward to this movie. That sucks if it not good. But I always ignore critics. So Im gonna ignore what anyone else says about this movie till I see it. Im old school and Im from so Missouri so ya gotta show me. So I will go see it and I will tell you my review. But dont get me wrong if it sucks I more than likely believe you. Damn that really sucks though! I just have to see it for myself.
            Damon Carson


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              I thought it was good. I didn't have any preconceived notions, because I knew nothing about the Watchmen. I wasn't looking as forward to this movie as I am the upcoming Wolverine movie. As a kid, I read the X-men comics, so I knew the background. I didn't have this luxury with Watchmen.

              There was, however, a lot of nudity and sex in this movie, which surpised me for a superhero movie.
              Dewayne Anglin

              Director of Operations
              Sleepy Hollow Productions, LLC/ Folklore Haunted House



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                It's nudity & Sex,...then they must not be super heros, they don't need that stuff!

                ((My wife is a fan of the comic and is refusing to see it in the theater. Waiting for the extended version with the Black Freighter restored to the film plus she is pissed about the ending))


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                  Just seen it... and, well... it was just "ok"... not good, not horrible. Def. way overrated and I'll probably NOT buy the DVD. Another wasted $8 from me! Ugh.... -Tyler
                  Chris Riehl


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                    I enjoyed it alot. The movie told you everything you needed to know. It developed the characters very well and had everything a great movie should have. The cinematography was great along with the acting.. Except for the Silk Spectre. The character Rorschach could not have been cast more perfectly. It wasnt mind blowing but the overall experience of the movie was great.



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                      My suggestion: Read the graphic novel before going in.

                      I felt after I walked out of the movie, if I hadn't read the novel, I probably would wonder what the hell I just saw. Watchmen is *not* just a superhero movie (in fact, you could argue it's not really a superhero book/movie at all). It has some fairly deep lessons on morality... which is why it's so highly regarded.

                      I thought it was pretty good.... overall a great adaptation. I just didn't understand a couple of their novel to movie choices.

                      - Ryan
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                        i know i am little behind the times here...but i just saw the watchmen last night...I LOOOVED IT!!! granted i didnt read the graphic novel, and i didnt know much about the plot or characters before i went (other than what i learned from wikipedia) was super long, i will give it that, but i thought it was well put together and great fun to watch the gruesome SP/FX when people were having bones broken and joints dislodged...the fight sequences were awesome...i think this is one of the best comic book property movies i have seen in along time...

                        maddi ~


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                          This is definitely a polarizing movie - love it or hate it, you have to at least give credit to everyone involved for making something so different from the standard comic-book kind of movie.

                          Someone else said this on G4 last night and I think it's accurate, that this is a movie like "Blade Runner" -- destined to become a cult hit and big influence on other movies (especially once the directors cut comes out) ... but it will never reach the kind of mainstream success of 300, Batman, etc...

                          Other than some issues with the casting of Veidt, I loved it. Full disclosure - I've read the original graphic novel well over a dozen times in the last 20 years.
                          Scott Simmons
                          The ScareHouse / Undead Productions Inc.



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                            I liked it, and a few days later, it is starting to grow on me. True, it is far from a Super hero flick, but I didn't expect that. Scott is correct, polar or Bi-polar, love it or hate it!!!


                            P.S. The lead actress is a different kind of hotty!~
                            To much Blue Dick!!!
                            Listen to them, Children of the night. Oh what music they make.


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                              I also enjoyed it. I had the fun of reading the comic AS IT CAME OUT all those years ago and let me tell you it was an experience!

                              I picked it up issue #2 and had to wait forever between installments. I can still remember the tension as Nite Owl and Rorschach were heading through the snow to Karnak and I had to wait a MONTH before I found out what was next.

                              That is one of the best things with TV shows; I can still remember the next week previews of the Night Stalker or the X-Files, when your mind had a week to play out all of the possible explanations!

                              I enjoyed waiting for this movie to come out, and it was pretty good I thought, VERY true to the comic, but I didn't know how the ending would be changed so that was sort of a plus. I agree about Adrian, he was not the strongest one by far.

                              No movie is for everyone, look how much Larry loved Speed Racer, and I still cannot even bring myself to watch it on DVD.

                              I liked Watchmen, I even saw it twice in one day - so there you go, no accounting for taste! (also I had baby sitter issues and a wife and boy who wanted to see it, no way I was taking my 8 year old girl!)

                              Ben Armstrong
                              NETHERWORLD HAUNTED HOUSE