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  • The HHA Auction - Awesome Stuff!

    Saturday the 28th: Come for the Screaming at The Darkness ( ) but stay for the Savings with The HHA Auction!

    This is your chance to score all manner of props, services, merchandise, collectibles, costumes, animations and more from the haunted attraction industry's most popular vendors and suppliers.

    Keep checking this thread in the weeks ahead, as The HHA reveals some of the fantastic goods and services that will be up for grabs. Sure, I could announce the whole list of stuff right now ... but where's the fun in that?

    Let's start with a generous donation from UNIT 70 -- 12 feet tall and looking for a new home. Won't you please adopt this homeless hellspawn?
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    Scott Simmons
    The ScareHouse / Undead Productions Inc.

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    That prop looks amazing I will be bidding on that! This auction sounds killer I'm looking forward to it!



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      Awesome Scott! Do you have a time for the auction yet? When we purchased out tickets for the Lights on Tour and the Saturday Tour we weren't given an option for our attendance time. We plan of arriving to the Darkness Tour on Saturday at around 10:00. I'm assuming this will be after the auction and I'm thinking we may need to change our plans. Thanks for the info!

      Kelly Allen
      Raycliff Manor Haunted Attraction


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        HHA Auction

        Hello all,

        I'm trying to find out what the deal is for the auction. Do you have to be a paying attendee going on a Darkness tour to participate in the auction? I plan on renewing my HHA membership from last season and would like to join in on the auction..

        Please advise..


        Dan Augusto
        Owner Tombstone Productions


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          Kel - the auction will be an ongoing thing lasting all night. Most likely we will put a new item up for bid on a regular basis (say every 20 or 30 minutes) -- and we'll make sure everyone knows when certain goods will be up for bid so that you can plan your night accordingly.

          Dan - I believe you are able to attend the auction if you are not taking the tour... I should have more specifics about logistics around the building soon.
          Scott Simmons
          The ScareHouse / Undead Productions Inc.


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            I start the bid at $1,000.00.

            How fun do you think the plain ride homes going to be when I bring this guy on board and sit him down next to me and that fat old lady that thought she was going to sleep on the flight.....LMAO!


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              Because there's nothing more terrifying than accidents or high insurance premiums, our next auction item is of major importance for professional haunted attraction owners.

              Eco Glo(Access Products) -- -- has donated a
              $1,000 Haunted House saftey package ... including Photoluminescent Sign, Step and Handrail as well as 4 exit signs, 4 emergency egress signs, 50 feet of H3001 Handrail strips, 50 feet of G4001 guidance strips and 50 feet of step-edge E20 contrast strips.

              Get your chance to bid on this invaluable safety package on Saturday the 28th: Come for the Screaming at The Darkness ( ) but stay for the Savings with The HHA Auction!
              Scott Simmons
              The ScareHouse / Undead Productions Inc.



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                There is perhaps no core element of your marketing more vital than having a solid and effective logo -- which is why this next item up for bid at the HHA auction is so valuable.

                You've seen their work all over the web, and connected with some of the country's best known haunted attractions ... now Brainstorm Studios is offering a Custom Logo Package to the highest bidder at the HHA Auction Saturday night.

                I'll keep announcing a new item up for bid every weekday morning for the next 2 weeks.
                Scott Simmons
                The ScareHouse / Undead Productions Inc.



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                  Hauntbots APC 8+ Animatronic Prop Controller ... come on down! You're the next item up for bid at Saturday night's HHA auction!

                  8 open collector outputs for driving DC voltage loads such as valves, relays, or LEDs.
                  1 Auxiliary relay contact to signal show start.
                  2 inputs to start / stop show or multi-show selection.
                  Adjustable frame rate: 10 to 60 frames per second- Maximum show length at 30 frames per second is 36 minutes while 10 frames per second allows over 100 minutes of programming on all 8 channels.
                  Show stored in nonvolatile flash ram.
                  Expansion port for interfacing to other HauntBots products.
                  Rugged extruded aluminum case.
                  mounting tabs
                  Removable connectors.
                  No exposed printed circuit boards
                  Scott Simmons
                  The ScareHouse / Undead Productions Inc.



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                    could you post what the retail value is on each item? So we dont have to go look it up.


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                      The Brainstorm logo design is a $750.00 value.
                      The Hauntbot controller is $125 retail
                      The Unit 70 piece is brand new, but past items on this scale retail at $1200-$1400

                      Look for more auction items to come, I'm working to add as many as I can at all price points to accomodate all budgets. Hope you guys enjoy the auction and walk away with some great new products for your shows!

                      Allan Bennett


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                        I've been posting this information, but neglected to give proper credit to Allan -- who has been doing an awesome job of co-ordinating all of the donations and item information. He's been working tirelessly on this for quite some time, so make sure to thank him Saturday night. He's a rock star.

                        As Ben has mentioned, the HHA is on fire!
                        Scott Simmons
                        The ScareHouse / Undead Productions Inc.



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                          Everything sounds good so far!

                          I cant wait to see what else you guys put up!
                          Brad Bowen
                          Owner/Operator of the Ultimate Fear Haunted House in Shreveport, LA


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                            In a haunted house, everyone can hear you scream ...

                            Monster-Tronics has donated a Chest Muncher! This is a wearable animatronic costume that you strap on, plug in the battery pack and push a button on the mini remote control to activate.

                            ● Biting Mouth Movement
                            ● Left, Right, Up, & Down Movements

                            ● (1) - Wireless Remote Control
                            ● (1) - NMH high capacity battery pack
                            ● (1) - Battery Charger

                            It's a $595 value, available for bid at the HHA Auction!
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                            Scott Simmons
                            The ScareHouse / Undead Productions Inc.



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                              Thanks Scott, it's all a team effort as I'm sure everyone here knows.
                              The chest muncher piece is very cool, Thanks Jeff!