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  • Any ideas???

    We just bought this to use for our shuttle van . It runs good and is in good shape but we are not doing a hospital theme so we want to get away from the look of an ambulance.

    Any suggestions?

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    Make it a "meat wagon" Torture tool strapped to the sides, body parts hanging on hooks, that kind of thing.
    What is your theme so we can narrow down out choices?
    Allen H


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      Ghostbuster mobile? Or if you need makeup or supplies

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        A nice new paint job-black with your haunts name on the sides. Maybe get some new rims put on? Tinted windows.
        ~Bill Mlinac
        The Deadland Haunted House


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          Ah HA!
          The Terror Taxi, Black and yellow checkers, complete with a Taxi Drivers liscence made up for laughs attached to the back of the passenger seat. Also have a good sized trunk in the back that has a scream cube from gore galore in it, and give the driver the buttons. that way someone could shout "Let me out he is a Killer!!!" from inside the trunk. Or a bunch of other fun Phrases.
          And terror taxi even fits the theme of it being a shuttle.
          Allen H


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            Murder it out, do some leds and add smoke and flames.


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              That is super cool!!! I could think a of a million things to do with including using it as a prop in a scene. If you plan to use it as a marketing tool I can see calling it the


              Larry Kirchner


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                We were lucky enough to get all the hospital junk on the inside that goes along with it which we could always use in a room if we ever decided. It has 58,000 original miles but we only gave $350 for it at an auction. Anyway, we are proud of it!

                All great ideas though, keep'em coming!


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                  If you watch Lifetime...

                  There is NOTHING scarier than a plain white van on the outside, then when you get in - total serial killer - hooks on the wall, blood, body parts, dead bodies, menacing words on the walls. likie the van in cabin by the lake.
                  Sometime less is more (for the outside anyway) take them by surprise!
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                    Originally posted by Allen H View Post
                    Make it a "meat wagon" Torture tool strapped to the sides, body parts hanging on hooks, that kind of thing.
                    What is your theme so we can narrow down out choices?
                    Allen H

                    I think we are going with the "in-bred theme".....after all....this is Arkansas!


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                      You could always get it Band-Aided. A Good route to go and promotes your event too.

                      I like the one Terror on the Fox did and I just designed one for a company at the Dells (non haunt) but same concept.

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                        Hmm....I would like to see what they did! We are trying to go for a homemade look.

                        First of all it's cheap and second, "what would a serial killer or hillbilly cannibal do"? Although it would look good, I can't see a shiney paint job with chrome spinners being realistic, would you?

                        We were thinking of a rack on one of the sides with steel traps and meat hooks and maybe a rack on the other side that could hold a few chainsaws or power tools of some kind? Maybe a rusty bumper on the front and back with a row of KC lights on top. Run a straight exhaust maybe?

                        I've only gone as far as putting some spray paint on it for now but I'm still undecided and open for any suggestions! Here is another pic of what I've done so far.



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                          Make her a rolling billboard

                          Nice score Scareview!

                          The emergency lights alone are probably worth more then you shelled out for it.

                          To me that rig is a rolling billboard. I would throw some nice rims on her and do a full body wrap sticker job with some killer images to promote your haunt.

                          Thats what we do with our old hearses and it really helps get people to our show.

                          Tim Dunne
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                          Tim Dunne
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                            You could also make it look like you have hit something or somebody, maybe with body parts and blood. Also bars or heavy guage wire screen in the windows would make people think.


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                              Grapes of wrath migrant look

                              Inbreds, hmmm...

                              Ya know that grapes of wrath, 30's depression-era look of an old pickup with everything the family owns hung all over it? Maybe go with that theme, sort-of a psycho hillbilly look.
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