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    Just saw this movie... it was pretty cool to say the least. Its based on a Clive Barker novel and let me tell you its pretty GORY!!!! I think you will also find some pretty cool idea's loaded within this film. Sad to see this movie get the shaft from a big wide box office opening but all the same I would say if you like gore, if you want to see something very very very gory this is your movie.

    I think the movie was scary, gory, and pretty original. For a haunt owner I would say this movie is worth a view becase there are several scenes in teh movie that just might insire you.

    Larry Kirchner

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    Don't Forget Though...

    To send Clive his cut for coming up with those "IDEAS".
    Really! Stay home, give it some thinking of your own.
    I guess nobody realises how incredibly bored so many of their previous haunt customers are, you know why? Because they never came back after a time or two!
    If people are impressed by a movie, why wouldn't they just see it again?
    (Please disreguard this if you feel that you have NO other options to create your own ideas, sorry.)
    Some of us are blessed or cursed by having way too many "Ideas". Clive MIGHT be one .


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      Yeah, this movie was great! I was waiting for it to come out forever and finally saw it on fearnet a few months ago on my digital cable. Weird it was on there months before the dvd came out! Anyway for any of you UFC fans Quinton "Rampage" Jackson has a pretty cool appearance in the film!!

      Tim Bunch
      House Of Horrors And Haunted Catacombs


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        Originally posted by HouseOfHorrors View Post
        Quinton "Rampage" Jackson has a pretty cool appearance in the film!!
        Hell yeah!

        Im deffinately gonna see the movie now!!!!
        Brad Bowen
        Owner/Operator of the Ultimate Fear Haunted House in Shreveport, LA


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          I really liked the story by Barker, it was great. I will see the movie soon. Im not a big gore fan, but I know the story so I dont mind. Im not seeing the supernatural element in the trailers though.
          Allen H


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            Ya it was a good movie. Really gory thats for sure. Ted Raimis eyes flying out of his sockets took the cake.
            Damon Carson