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    One final comment... what is wrong with HYPE? Does Hauntcon run around saying for haunters by haunters when its really by Leonard for Leonard? Is there anything wrong with that no he's entitled to make money but the tag line is misleading there. The show isn't produced by a group of haunters, its not produced by an association its produced by one person for profit for that one person.

    Lets not confuse the facts.

    Does Leonard HYPE Hauntcon? He goes around doing interviews stating this is the only show for the haunted house industry, or claims basically like that. He in one interview that I saw when asked about Transworld blew that off and said that was nothing more than a Halloween retail show and Hauntcon is the haunt show.

    Look I'm torn here because I understand where he's coming from here, he's promoting his product and wants to blow off the compeition. Would you do the same if a media person was at your haunt? Yeah you probably would so whats the beef?

    Every year MHC's tour i better than the last, promoted up and down the hills as the best seminar line up everything better than ever.

    When the next Batman movie comes out will they say better than the Dark Knight or will they say almost as good as the Dark Knight?

    HYPE there is nothing wrong with it as long as your are not outright lying.

    If you can't HYPE your product then who will? Will the other show hype your show? Will te other haunt hype your haunt?

    I think Mike and Robert believe in what they are doing, and I think they should HYPE it MORE not less!

    Who doesn't use the HYPE machine when you have something to sell?

    Does Scarefactory say this years lineup of animations is almost as good as last years or the best we've ever done?

    Let the people who you are trying to sell this stuff to decide with their wallets and then the chips will fall where they fall.


    Larry Kirchner