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Where to socialize in St. Louis?

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  • Where to socialize in St. Louis?

    Hi, all - where will the favorite "watering hole" in St. Louis be? In Rosemont, most seemed to end up at the Crowne Plaza after the meetings and events petered out. Miz G
    Gail Strumberger
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    Out of respect for the owner of this site if your interested feel free to email me at and I will give you some info of where you can find a large group of haunters and actors. Shane and its being respectful. Shane this time.


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      My guess is the closest hotel bar near the convention.


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        The convention center is just down the street fron the riverfront which is called Lacledes Landing.
        There are MANY BARS and hot spots down there.
        The hardest part is deciding where everyone will meet at.
        The Landing is great and has something for everyone and its right by the hotels. See you in St. Louis and dont forget about the Columbia Haunt Tour on Friday nite.
        Go to for ticket info. Seating is limited on the tour busses so reserve your seats today!
        Greg Allen


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          There is so much EVERY night!

          I think the default will need to be the bar at the main hotel - Thats how it was in Chicago -

          The thing is when? Every night something is going on... we will just have to see...


          Ben Armstrong


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            I think most people are staying at the Ren Hotel. I'm sure that will be the nesting ground. However on Thrusday you have Shanes dinner, you have our tour, then on Friday you have the tour to Columbia, I'm having some people over to my place for some meetings, I'm sure people will hang out at the Ren Hotel and chat it up, and then on Saturday you have our tour and party plus I'm sure people will be chatting up endlessly again at the Ren Hotel.

            Sunday I'll be at our haunted house after the show if anyone is staying over and wants to hang out let us know. We should set something up!

            Larry Kirchner


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              I'd be up for that... a Hauntworld hang out? Sounds fun! -Tyler
              Chris Riehl


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                Originally posted by drfrightner View Post
                ...However on Thrusday you have Shanes dinner...
                Jeez, Larry. Be careful. You might be banned from this forum for mentioning that!!!!! We all know talk of that dinner is not allowed!!!
                Happy Haunting,

                Adam Drendel
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                  LOL everytime someone brings up that event, all I think about is some old movie: "He whose name shalt not be spoken"... LOL, sorry had to get that off my chest
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                    At night, they literally light up the street all up and down Washington St. It creates a beautiful cityscape. There's lots of places to go for both food and bars, quaint Irish pubs, sushi, seasonal cuisine, and more. There's even a swanky bowling ally down there. And all that is within walking distance! Probably the closest/convenient place to gather for drinks other than the hotel bar would be Kitchen K. However, I don't recommend their food. For a good meal right on the Washington strip, I'd recommend Lucas Park Grille, right down the street.

                    Within a 5 minute drive there's even more fun areas...Laclede's Landing, Soulard, Lafayette Square and Lumiere Place. For outstanding dining on Laclede's Landing, I'd recommend Drunken Fish (sushi). In the Soulard area, I'd recommend either Soulard's Restaurant or Sidney Street Cafe. And in Lafayette Square, I'd recommend Vin De Set...especially if it's a nice night because they have a great roof-top bar. However, nothing can beat the roof-top bar at Lumiere Place...It's beautiful up there!

                    For breakfast, I highly recommend the amazing crepes at Rooster, AND Rooster is within walking distance from the convention center too!

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                      Socialize? I didn't know people did that there. I always just sat around my room afterwards. I guess that happens when you are a boring guy.
                      Jared Layman


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                        My friend was in St. Louis last summer and she said she a MUST-DO is City Museum on either a Friday or Saturday night - they open from 5p.m. through 1a.m. and have bars throughout the place - and ADULTS take over this crazy playground thing...

                        This seems like it's not your normal museum:


                        The playground looks like it was designed my a Jim Warfield - SUPER BIZARRE. The entire thing looks totally off-the wall. LOVE IT!

                        I LOVE unique/kitschy and crazy watering holes, so we may be hitting this place up!
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                          I have tried to make it to that place each time I have been in St. Louis and have never gotten the chance. Maybe this will be the time.
                          Jared Layman


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                            I know I loved Crown Plaza, had such a good time but only got to go once before the move, Sh..."He whose name shall not be spoken" swears they moved it because I drank up all the booze. I hope there is a place to go and knock back the drinks and raise a bit of hell while telling lies of how many square foot we have in our haunts...remember despite what she says size does matter or you would at least think so by the way we all toss square footages around.

                            I am the Graystone Manor resident drunk so any other late night party people please lets find a place to get into trouble and tell our lies.


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                              Sh..."He whose name shall not be spoken" Thanks man I needed that! You actually made me laugh out loud!!
                     Or if you need makeup or supplies

                              "I am a frickin evil genius who deserves some frickin respect!"