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Trail of Terror CT Donates over $125,000 to the Red Cross and other local charities.

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  • Trail of Terror CT Donates over $125,000 to the Red Cross and other local charities.

    Hello everyone,

    Well, we had another tremendous year at the Trail of Terror in CT and I'm proud to announce that we have donated over $125,000 to the Red Cross and other local charities.
    As some of you may know the Trail is a 45 minute outdoor walk-through and has around 100 costumed characters each night. We had over 400 volunteers sign up this year.

    If you'd like, you can check out our gallery here.

    Looking forward to an all-new Trail for 2009.


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    That's great good for you guys!!!

    So what methods do you use to get so many interested volunteers?



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      Thanks Darkangel,

      Well, we've been around for a while and lots of people want to volunteer for us but most just want to be part of the Trail. The amazing thing is that we had over 65 "every-nighters". That's pretty amazing. We try to do something special for the every-nighters to create a pull. This year we are taking them on a bus trip to Eastern State Penitentiary in Philly in April. They are all extremely excited about that trip.



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        Thats just AWSOME man! Congratulations. Its great to hear what someone gives for a change other than what some makes or spends. Again I commend you and your staff for this! Thanks for letting us know. Shane and its WOW Great Job Guys! Shane this time!!


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          That's awesome Wayne! The photos look great, it's so cool to be able to raise that much money for charity. What a huge production you have going over there with that many volunteers. Their enthusiasm really shows and to have 65 do the whole run is amazing! How does the weather affect you guys, do you still have tons of hard core fans and volunteers show up in the rain? Also how much of an issue is getting power way out in the woods, do you use generators? I love outdoor events like yours, mine is a similar set up. You have an awesome thing going, keep up the great work. I would love to make it down there some day.



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            Hell of a job Wayne! We had a blast. Keep up the good work and feel free to give us a shout if you need anything.

            Scott Ames


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              That's Awesome Wayne! I really don't know how you do it, but you do it really well!!! Looking forward to 2009...


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                Thanks for your kind words. Its easy to do what we do if we have fun doing it, and we are MOST of the time. We have a great core group and it does get frustrating at times working with volunteers but overall its pretty good.

                Thanks again guys.



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                  That is simply amazing!!!! Kudos to you my friend! You know this is something that should inspire more people to give when you are so personally blessed. There is a 7 year old boy who has mounting hospital bills named 'Zach'... a bunch of people got together and throw a really awesome fund raiser for this boy this past Sunday. No question I pitched in... Zach was in my son Rivers class last year. He suffers from all sorts of problems some of which I just don't understand. Well they have this funraiser on Sunday to help his mother pay the medical bills, and the boy dies yesterday. Its just totally totally terrible.

                  The mother lost her house because she can hardly ever work because she was constantly in the hospital with her son and now this... I think what you are doing just shows the way, and has shown me you must do more to help those in need! I will do my part in 2009 and partially inspired by your good deeds, and this poor family who struggled through all sorts of hardships.

                  Life just isn't fair to eveyone and this is why we must give, help and support those who need it. Good job my man! You've done more than I ever have!

                  Larry Kirchner


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                    Thanks Eric and Larry.....

                    Eric, we do not use generators, this year we ran underground wiring to panels throughout the trail. In the past we had temporary service set up to our panels. We really aren't that far in the woods, it just appears that way.
                    Yes, the weather effects us big-time. People still show up on stormy nights even though we are cancelled, we just direct them to the indoor haunts in the area. It gives us a chance to visit other haunts too.

                    See you soon.



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                      The sets and lighting look great!

                      Don't forget guys, Wayne is doing a seminar at Transworld about his event, He has been around a LONG time and has lots of knowledge that is for sure.

                      Ben Armstrong
                      NETHERWORLD HAUNTED HOUSE