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1-815-244-4746 Ravens Grin Last Night!

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  • 1-815-244-4746 Ravens Grin Last Night!

    Get your fill of off-season screams as recorded just last night at the Ravens Grin in Mount Carroll, ill. (Click on Goggle= "Mount Carroll, Ill." and it adds "Haunted House" ! how about that? I like it!)
    There were many young women in that group of 16 and they were what I would call the "October Goofy Screamers", the kind that rip your ear drums and are screaming for totally unknown reasons???
    When they screamed at me, I screamed back at them! To protect my own ears, somewhat.
    when Jim did a mysterious, scary thing in the front room one boy sitting at the back of the room loudly began explaining to the rest of them how I just did what I did.
    He was THE last person in that room to be wondering just where in the dark I had disappeared to? he was talking trying to ruin the effect...I came screaming out of the dark right up close in his "personal space" and we all got to watch Mr. Know-It-All jump up and twitch and scream alittle! Good "medicine " for what might be ailing me!
    The girl's scream on my answering machine is quite something. You may also hear her friends laughing and talking about her.
    Tour tickets for this Transworld for The Ravens Grin teleportation device are selling fast, just $5,000.oo plus your next-born child. Cheap at twice the price. (One way to come up with good employees here! Getem young, teachem right!)
    Mr. Tuxedo's Industrys-Alien Technology Division has been kind enough to provide a public sampling of this incredible new product (Some oil people found out about it, that's why the price of a barrel fell so much)
    Send personal checks or an amount of cat treats equalling $5,000.oo to :

    Mr. Tuxedo
    411N. Carroll St.
    Mutt Careless, Illinoids

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    I will take two tickets Jim. Oh do I get to keep my soul on this tour???
    Damon Carson


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      Shoes, old shoes don't trip my Trigger.

      So you may keep your sole, Damon.


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        That's awesome Jom! I'll bet that guys friends will remind "Mr. Know it alll" over and over again that he didn't see that scare coming! LOL! Great job my friend!

        Kelly Allen
        Raycliff Manor Haunted Attraction