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  • Attention! Attention!

    A new record was established tonight!
    The previous record of there being 10 people inside of the Adam Drendel Memorial Fear Degausser was shattered by a group of high school students from Louisville, Kentucky, they had 11 in there at one time.
    The current record for small, under-sized bodies is presently 14 but these were tiny, skinny, little kids.
    This device only measures 41 inches in diameter but I got the door shut and latched so it counts. It was their second try, they were very determined, kicking out a larger boy in defrence to a smaller female who enthusiastically jumped right in. I had to give them the caution/reminder statement:"This is Not a Breeding Experiment!"
    The previous record holders were from Maquoketa, Iowa.
    The fear degausser is guaranteed to remove excessive fear from your body, to allow you to enjoy being frightened then able to shed fearfull impulses effectively so as to function within the realm of normalcy in all the higher measurable areas of human functions.
    Several of these kids had been here before. One girl said how afraid she was even though this was her second time here!?
    They wanted me included in their group photo as they were getting ready to leave.
    They had a really big bus!

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    Is the fear degausser the old device that was used in assylums? I can't remember, but I'm thinking it's that big chamber where the wall spins when its turned on. And it's supposed to turn the sane people insane ans the insane, sane?
    ~Jon-Kyle Bailey
    Campbellsville, KY


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      All right Jim and it was nice of you to let them
      Giving People The Chills Since 2005


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        Funny Thing Is...

        The device looks like it might spin, yet most customers have no trouble entering it, then the door closes, latches...


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          So it is an actual fear degausser? If ya' don't mind me asking, how the heck did you get one!?! I really can't wait until I actually get to visit your haunt. It just sounds so amazingly creative!
          ~Jon-Kyle Bailey
          Campbellsville, KY


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            The Adam Drendel Memorial Fear Degausser

            Is in the same room as my old "Tapeworm costume". I'm too big to ever wear it again so I keep in in a crack between two wall boards so it doesn't get wrinkled up.
            there it is. Can't you see it?
            I'm shinning my flashlight on it.


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              LOL, Jim, for some reason I just recalled, I hid a Rondini business card in your place. Did you ever find it yet?
     Or if you need makeup or supplies

              "I am a frickin evil genius who deserves some frickin respect!"


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                Why is it named after Adam Jim?
                Damon Carson