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  • Need Help With Random Idea

    Hey guys! It's yet another tchaunt thread. Anyway, I am starting to build up a haunt crew. I have someone to work on every aspect of the haunt except for security. I was wanting to start getting the creative juices flowing, so I decided to have a contest for them. I was thinking about having a room design contest. Since some of them aren't incredibly creative, I was thinking about making a Room Idea Generator.
    Basically, I will have lists of different things like characters, location, sounds. lighting, etc. I will use PHP to draw a random string (the words in each category) from each list. Only one word from each category will be displayed at one time. For instance, if I had a category titled "Pets" and the list was made up of "Dog, cat, horse, turtle, snake, fish", only one of those words would be displayed. The words are chose randomly, so the order they appear i each time you look at the page could be "horse, snake, horse, horse, fish, dog, turtle, cat". This generator is mainly going to be for fun.
    I'm wanting to have a good generator with more than a few ideas, so, what I'm needing is the following:
    • Ideas for categories to add
    • Ideas for things to add under each category

    Each category idea that I use is worth 3 points.
    Each item idea (things to be listed under categories) that I use is worth 1 point.
    Please note that I may or may not give points for ideas. I'll only give points for ideas if I use them. Please only post item ideas for categories that I have said will be in the generator.
    When you post an idea for a category, please provide a brief description of the category.

    If you get 10 points, I'll mention your name (or company name) at the bottom of the page the Generator is on.
    If you get 20 points, I'll put your logo at the bottom of the page.
    If you get 30 points, I'll put a text-link to your site on the bottom of the page.
    If you get 40 points, I'll put a image-link to your site on the bottom of the page.
    If you get 65 points, I'll put your logo at the top of the page.
    The person with the most points when the generator is finished will have their logo with a link put at the top of the page. Their web banner will also be added to the advertisements on the site for a month.
    After you reach a new level of points, your previous reward will be took away.

    I'm sure most of you will not see the point of this generator, and some of you will think it's a bad idea trying to create ideas from random words. But consider this:
    I am offering free advertising. You are only providing your ideas. You're not losing anything except for possibly 3 minutes of your time.

    I will update this post with everyone's points.

    Here's the list of the categories I've got so far (click each category to see the current list):

    Please do not double post! Only make a new post if someone has posted since your last post. If your post is still the most recent one, please use the edit feature. I will check this thread at least once a day--if not more. Be patient and I'll try to update everything.
    ~Jon-Kyle Bailey
    Campbellsville, KY

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    where do we do these posts? On your website? Vincent This Time!
    Its A Verbal Orgy on Steroids!


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      Sorry about taking so long to check this. Go ahead and post here. But like I siad in the first post, try not to double post.
      ~Jon-Kyle Bailey
      Campbellsville, KY