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    What are the top 10 websites you check to "borrow" set details/ideas from?

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    You can borrow some ideas from me, but I will have to charge you intrest.
    Sorry, no free lunch!
    No free supper either, Halloween treats are free, if you want to walk around wearing a costume.
    For some reason most of my ideas will probably not be valued much by other haunters.
    I like it that way.
    (You can make almost anything "work" if you want to work at it.)


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      as far as sets go, check out spookywoods, the darkness (, terror on the fox, nightmare new england, 13th gate... you can basically look at the top 13 haunted attractions on the hauntworld main page from the past few years and check out all those haunts
      Mike Quill
      Fear Town Haunted House


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        Even though the site is mainly for yard haunts and home haunts with a lower budget, looking at the props listed on can provide some inspiration.
        I also like reading very vague descriptions of others rooms. If they tell me the scare, theme, and some of the effects, my mind starts laying out the scenery and lighting in the room with everything planned.
        Sometimes, I can even plan a very small haunt with 10-15 rooms within a few minutes if I really like the theme. They aren't usually planned out incredibly well, but I get at least a basic idea of each room.
        ~Jon-Kyle Bailey
        Campbellsville, KY


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          "Maniac Mansion"

          The computer's also very much like The Ravens Grin Inn but I had never heard of it and never played those games but my Wife did before we met, then she compared the two and it is uncanny......


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            I like Haunted Wisconsin and Haunted Illinois. Lots of DIY projects and ideas from both of those.