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  • Preshow talk!

    Hey everyone, I was just wondering how many of us actually have a preshow. How long is it? Do you have more than one preshow room to increase throughput? For example, if you have a preshow that is one minute long and two preshow rooms you can have a tour enter the haunt every 30 seconds or so. Just like Disney's Haunted Mansion.
    What are the pros and cons?
    It would be great to hear from you guys,
    Meyer Point Manor

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    What exactly is a pre-show?
    I communicate with my patrons . All calls to me over this would be long distance.
    Maybe we need to pre-call one another first?
    Get long distance estimates?


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      To me a preshow is an experience that guests have before they enter the haunt. The most common preshow is a movie that usually contains the backstory of the haunt and the house rules. Other kinds of preshows can be anything from an autopsy demonstration (for a morgue) to a haunted elevator ride (for a hotel). Preshows add length to the guests overall experience and tend to set the mood.
      Jim, I'm sure a phone call with you is a one of a kind preshow!
      -Meyer Point Manor


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        So my new invention (with your inspiration) would be a conference call to everyone in the parking lot waiting to get in.
        Since everyone seems to have their own cell phone now this sure could be done.
        Anybody remember the "Call Dracula" pay by the minute service from maybe 20 years ago?
        Sound defects in the backround and a person immitating Bela, talking slowly, of course ($ by-the-minute)
        Dial up the word "Cheesey" in the audio dictionery ..and there it is!
        Little kids might have liked it?
        How evil! Aimed at little kids old enough to pick out the dialing numbers,yet young enough not to realise its so expensive to do! Perfect scam/business!


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          pre show

          Our pre-show consist of audio and people being very interactive with the patrons.. These are all run by the (motherboard system) created by us through gilderfluke company..
          I believe this is what most big haunts use that are trying to separate the groups..
          Ours can be changed from 15 seconds to 5 minutes and up....


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            No offense to you, but do you always post in large text?
            ~Jon-Kyle Bailey
            Campbellsville, KY