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Who is going to see Friday the 13th Tonight?

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  • Who is going to see Friday the 13th Tonight?

    I am taking around 50 staff and actors from Graystone Manor tonight! We are attending the 7:15 showing!! Shane and its Crystal Lake! Shane this time.

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    Your people are lucky to have you.

    as far as me going not tonight, NO! as it would be bad luck to see it tonight.


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      Happy F13. I went to see it this afternoon. I did not have much hope for this being a good movie since I have not liked most sequals or remakes. I must admit although not very scary, It was a pretty good movie. A good mix of humor and a pretty wicked Jason. This is not a remake in any way. I would give it a 7.5 out of 10.

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        I'm going at 7! I'm excited.. -Tyler
        Chris Riehl


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          I went, see my post or wait so as not to give anything away.
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            On my way out!

            Thanks Nut, But actually I am the lucky one! I have a group that loves me as much as I love them. Without them I dont think I would or could do this huge undertaking. Shane and its I am so thankful for my crew and staff! Shane this time.
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              7:10 showing here.


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                I just posted the new Rotting Flesh RAdio for the week...All Friday the 13th meets Bloody Valentine I'm with the kids and then....

                on to the 9:30pm Showing of the film. w00t!

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                  About 15 of my crew are going tonight at 9:20
         Or if you need makeup or supplies

                  "I am a frickin evil genius who deserves some frickin respect!"


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                    Saw it at 5:20 here.
                    Good movie...I enjoyed it...
                    A lot of parts from 1-3 intertwined.
                    The only thing was it didn't have the 'atmosphere' of the other ones.
                    But I liked it.
                    I'll be buying it on DVD!

                    Kirk Boemmel
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                      Just got back from it... and LOVED it! Classic! -Tyler
                      Chris Riehl


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                        Me of the classic! Stayed with blood, gore, and lots of tits! Just like the classic! Go see it its good! Shane and its anyone seen my mechattee. Shane this time!


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                          Not the worst movie, but not the best either. Just really wish studios would come up with new ideas.
                 Or if you need makeup or supplies

                          "I am a frickin evil genius who deserves some frickin respect!"


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                            Well I loved it to death. Jason, the camp, the killings! I don't often see movies twice on the big screen, but perhaps I'll make an exception to this one. But maybe near the end of its screen time, because I bloody despise people in the theaters. Mr. Won't Shut Up About How "Hot" The Ladies Are, Mrs. Blinds People Behind Her With A Mega Bright Phone Screen, Mr. Can't Keep His Inner Commentary to Himself, and the twit who keeps saying "awwwwwwww sh******t!" every 5 seconds are not company I wish to spend time with again anytime soon. Wait, what was I talking about? Something about a movie?


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                              I guess I'll be in the minority here and say I didn't like this movie. I thought it was corny... they had a chance here to make something new and something original and avoid all the cliche of the typical 80's horror movie but they embraced all of them.

                              Even the ending was stupid and not anything close to reality. Without going into details how many times do we see people think they have killed the killer after the killer killing like everyone but then stick around to hang around leaning on each other reflecting on life itself giving the killer enough time to come again?

                              How many times do we see people in this movie do the exact opposite of what you are I would do or anything for that matter in the same situation.

                              Let me put this movie in context... you don't learn anything new here, no new twists, nothing about Jasons background is learned, the kills are nothing special and more or less this is just another Jason movie. You could have thrown this movie into the middle of the pack and called it Jason 8 and no one would have known the difference.

                              A couple cool tingsl... Jasons house, and his lair was kinda cool but really seemed to borrow from the other remake they did Texas Chainsaw Massacre, which in my opinion was must better done than this.

                              With this movie they tried to take part one, part two and part three and mix them together to make one movie. Jasons mother is in the movie a whole 2 seconds, and she was the whole reason for the first movie.

                              Look Im not sure how many of you saw all 11 parts or whatever like I have but if you have this movie is nothing special. If you haven't well its just a slasher movie that is not really scary, shows some people getting killed by an unstoppalbe monster.

                              Halloween was remade better.

                              Texas Chainsaw was remade better.

                              This is the worst of the bunch in my view.... was it terrible? Nah... it was just another Jason movie thats all. For all you die hard Jason fans I'm sure most would agree Jason X was cooler than this! Jason vs. Freddy was cooler than this... just wait for video.

                              That about wraps it up I think.

                              Larry Kirchner