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  • Themes, themes?

    I can't think of a theme for my attraction this year.
    I like to change the theme every year to keep people interested.

    Here are some past themes:

    (2008) Frightmares - I took a survey of 500 people to find out what their biggest fear was, and from that I took the top 6 fears and built an attraction around it.

    (2007) The Sanctuary - Name says it all.

    (2006) The Slaughterhouse - Yeah, the name says it all.

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    Off the top of my head there's.....

    -Residence of Tortured Ghosts
    -Viral Zombie Outbreak
    -Time Warp yeeeeaaah
    -Toxic Waste Dump
    -Caves that have become home to cannibals/monsters/aliens/what-have-you.
    -Freak Family Residence
    -Cult Worshipping Residence
    -Rotting Zoo
    -Traveling Freak Show
    -A house of sorts that is actually alive and consumes people. Whether it's a physical monster cleverly disguised as a building or just a home that has become possessed is up to you. "Mommy, why are the walls bleeding? Why does the house moan?" (I seem to really like this concept, not sure why. Something about knowing that the walls and floor surrounding you are sentient and they want, even hunger some would say, for you. Just sounds like it has potential.)
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      The DMV office on a hot sweaty day with a really long line of old fat women in those rascals. Now thats a scary theme! Vincent This Time!
      Its A Verbal Orgy on Steroids!


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        Well, I have a few ideas, but I'm just wondering, do you want some-what famous themes (used a lot by people or a lot of people would recognize it) or more creative themes (like one that no one will recognize)?
        ~Jon-Kyle Bailey
        Campbellsville, KY


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          "Trailer Park Taxidermist"
          "We All Taste Like Chicken" (except some certain parts)
          "Dam Break!" Posters show flooding, houses floating, coffins floating, then inside the haunt is nothing. When asked for an explanation you say:"My help is on another dam break!"
          The upset angry customers! The yelling and kicking and screaming! What action! Enough to scare the other customers on the other side of the wall! Free help!

          "Psychic Toilet" A room full of talking pottys, all talking potty-mouth and recognising old friends from college days, "Hi! Haven't see you since the sit-ins!"
          Giving good advice too:"Next time pull your pants down all the way."


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            Maybe do a haunted mansion this year
            ~Bill Mlinac
            The Deadland Haunted House


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              under the ocean (deep sea angler fish are scary)
              trolls under a bridge
              cannibals in old subway tunnels
              Dr. Moreau type animal men
              Egyptian temple of the dead
              ice caves (yeti Monster)
              circus freaks
              haunted train
              Dr. Frankensteins castle
              Vampire warren
              Giant bugs (guests go through a bee hive type maze)
              viking zombies
              Undead of Ireland (they have many)
              Classic monsters (all sets and costumes in black and white like the old movies)

              thats a few, to tired to list more.
              Allen H


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                I really like your idea of everything being in black and white! That could turn out being really awesome. You'd just end up spending a lot of money getting new props for the year you do the theme.
                ~Jon-Kyle Bailey
                Campbellsville, KY


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                  Starting Out?

                  Buy a couple hundred gal. of flat black paint!
                  I should have done this.


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                    I did the black and white theme last year and it was one of the cheapest to produce. The classic monsters costumes are very simple compared to alot of the other stuff Ive done. I bought a bunch of suits and shades of gray clothes from the thrift store. Mostly airbrush make up on actors and a repainted mask for the wolfman. Since my wall panels were already gray, I just had to add the black and white details. Furniture and such was nabbed from craigs list for free and repainted to fit the theme. And old TV playing snow helped set up the Night of the living dead area, it went really well.
                    here is a link to a few pics
                    Allen H