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How do you build your walls?

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  • How do you build your walls?

    Hi there, just wondering how you pro haunters have been building your walls. I have built mine out of 2x4s and plywood for my exterior haunt, and 2x4s and wafferboard for my haunt in my garage.

    I noticed in some of Larry's pictures that he just uses 2x2s and ply...
    What do you guys normally use?
    Zach Wiechmann

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    Well, I'm sure you know from our pics, but we build all our walls with full 2x4's and ~1/2 OSB or ply, whatever ends up cheeper. Spray on latex paint, and we place them all on a green treated 2x4 or plastic deck lumber (for anyone else, we are an outdoor attraction, Zach just knows that already)...

    That's it!


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      Are you indoors or out? This can make a huge difference in whether or not you need pressure treated lumber. Usually 2x4s and a sheet of 1/2" min. plywood is standard. You could go with a 3/8" for lighter walls and areas that wont get as much abuse. You could definitely use 2x2s for the framing, makes for a much lighter panel, but it will obviously be a bit flimsy-er(is that even a word?) Personally i would stay away from 1/4" lauan, too thin and easy to knock holes in it, plus it costs just about as much as a standard 1/2" BC plywood. If youre indoors or out, you should consider painting all the faces of your lumber before assembling the panels, that way you have no exposed wood (this is good for both flame retardance and weathering) Technically you shouldnt paint treated lumber until it dries, but thats really up to you, ive seen that if you dont paint the whole piece it may not dry correctly and start to warp. OSB is a very strong material, great for walls if you dont care about the texture or if youre just gonna use as a doesnt fare well outdoors though, but its been really cheap the past couple years,6-10 dollars (I remember back one point when I bought a couple pallets of it, it was around $18 per sheet!) Even painted it may only last 2-3 years at most. There are tons of threads on these boards regarding wall panels, and everyone does it differently. You should just decide what fits your budget best and that it will withstand whatever situation you put it in. Just right, cry once
      Nate Mitchell|creative consultant
      [n8 creative studios]