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    Everyone knows that Transworld has a bigger budget and spends a lot more money on marketing than MHC. I was just saying that when you look at it on paper there aren't that many differences between MHC and Transworld when it comes to the tradeshow floor and the events they both have. Of course Transworld is going to be able to have a bigger marketing budget, have the ability to email every person involved in the industry. Transworld Exhibits has been around for over 50 years and produces many different tradeshows every year. Transworld gets more buyers because it has a lot more support from vendors. This is because of its history and that it doesn't just let any peron roam the tradeshow floor.

    I've been to Transworld before and it's a much more business like atmosphere and a much larger event than any of the conventions. But that of course was when the Halloween and Haunt show were together. I think the seperation of Halloween and Haunts is going to be The Haunt Show's downfall, but that's a different subject of its own. I haven't been to the haunt show in St. Louis yet or this year's MHC since neither event has occured yet. So everything anyone says about either tradeshow/convention is speculation at this point since neither has happened yet. This subject has gotten out of control. On to the next.
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      In the end I'm saying this...

      Everyone needs to stop pitting them against each other they are two different shows, with totally different agendas and both offer something unique and both should be supported.

      Transworld atleast right now is the show where buyers will be buying and vendors will be selling. Transworld show won't be the funner of the two shows, but the quality of the education will be the strongest money can buy, the quality of the haunt tours will be strong, and the new products will be SECOND TO NONE!

      MHC will have several vendors you won't see anywhere else, and many of the main vendors we buy from, they will have overall a higher amount of seminars, more events, more tours, but the amount of business being done much less.

      Two different shows both totally successful in simular but different ways.

      Both needed, both appreciated, both supported, but everyone needs to stop making it one against the other.

      If you own a business in the Halloween industry... I will rate them in this order...

      1) Transworld Haunt Show
      2) IAAPA
      3) MHC

      Others to throw into the mix are: Transworlds Retail Show, Fun Expo, Hauntcon, and National Haunters Convention. But when monies tight you should follow the order listed because they can help your business more.

      And the list goes on from there. If you own a business and you do not attend IAAPA YOU ARE NUTS!!!!!!!!!! If you own a business in the Halloween industry and you do NOT ATTEND THE TRANSWORLD HAUNT SHOW...find a cliff and jump off. If you can't find the time to drive up to Columbus pick up your orders from Scarefactory, or Unit 70 or whatever then I don't know what to tell you. Find the time and go to all of them.

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        Actually, MHC's education line-up is THE BEST I've seen... this year, Transworlds SUCKS!!! Now, with that said... I'm not saying the speakers them selves suck... hell no; just the amount of classes vs. the topics vs. the cost... IT SUCKS!!!

        Right now it's looking that I'll be spending around $200-$400 on seminars for a crew of 4!!! WTF!!! At MHC it will be $300 for a crew of for, FOR EVERY CLASS THEY HAVE!!!! Not too mention they are offering classes in almost every topic, taught be some very good people!

        Transworld should hire Barry to put together their education series! Just a thought... -Tyler
        Chris Riehl