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  • 2010 2011 Transworld Location

    I live in CA and if the Transworlds are always in St. Louis then most of ya all will never get to see my haunt when I finnally get it open. So just curious what other people might think of some other locations. Also if you pick St. Louis again give a good reason, not its just awesome. Thats not productive.
    St. Louis Missouri
    Los Angeles CA
    Las Vegas Nevada
    Salt Lake City Utah
    Denver Colorado
    New York New York
    Its A Verbal Orgy on Steroids!

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    How about we just get through this one first. I do not like the idea of moving it around each year.
    Jared Layman


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      We don't have to move it closer to me and keep it there and I'll be happy. HAHAHAHAHA. Vincent This Time!
      Its A Verbal Orgy on Steroids!


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        Your above post is a wee bit confusing, but I think I get it. XD

        In my opinion, moving it around would butcher the show. I've never been involved with TW, but I've been to lots of conventions.

        People get used to one spot. When a convention moves each year, only the truly dedicated customers will follow it around. You'd mainly just have locals and very serious people showing up.

        Plus, some vendors can go to places because the location is close. It costs a lot of money to drag large items around the country. Some of the vendors that people get used to every year won't be able to go, to, say, New York, NY, if they live in Texas. The cost would be ridiculous. The prices of there props would have to be insanely high just to pay for the shipping fees, the hotel, any registration fees, etc.
        Just like I said above, you'll only get really serious people and locals to show up.

        IMO, keeping the convention in one spot is a much better idea than jumping around the country each year.
        ~Jon-Kyle Bailey
        Campbellsville, KY


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          And where is CHICAGO on that list? Huh?

          -- I


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            yeah i agree where is Chicago on the list?


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              I know you are thinking yeah yeah Larry is going to say St. Louis...whatever.

              However let me state what I really think and I'm putting myself livng in Alaska okay.

              I say Alaska. LOL

              No here is what I really think, LA, New York, no way not for this industry.

              Vegas no way to far. I love Orlando and find that to be my favorite place in the WORLD to attend a tradeshow but...

              There are no haunts in Orlando or basically Florida in general. So you get no tours there and you have more distrations than any place on Earth.

              Personally I think the show should stay in the Midwest right dag in the middle of the east and west coasts. This is fair for everyone wouldn't you agree. So what is really in the middle...

              St. Louis

              Kansas City


              Memphis or Nashville

              Chicago or maybe Dallas but that is really a long shot.

              If you look at a map you will see St. Louis and or Kansas City are the two best options for distance to everyone. Kansas City is about 4 more hours west and St. Louis is 4 more hours east.

              Considering there are 10 to 1 haunters on the east side St. Louis is better. Chicago was just ranked the THIRD worst city in America to live in and the main reason was WEATHER! They rate Chicago weather second worst to only BUFFALO!

              Anyway if you are not going to do this show in the midwest then it should go straight to Orlando because of the weather, cheap hotels, and places to do and see.

              If you keep it in the midwest St. Louis is the best option not because I live here its just the most fair with the cheapest convention hall. Kansas City is a very nice city as well in a lot of ways better than St. Louis or about the same. I would not vote for Chicago because the weather mostly, and secondly because everything is way more expensive.

              I think Chicago rated the 2nd or 3rd most expensive city in America to have a tradeshow. I think Atlanta was the most, Vegas might have been number 2 not sure.

              Larry Kirchner


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                San Diego? Sunny, not TOO bad price wise, and loads of cheap lodging.


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                  I am for Nashville

                  Hey Nashville Has Alot to offer!!!!!!! Shane and its Boot Scootin Boogy! Shane this time!


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                    hmmmmmmmm. Missing Ohio whre most haunters are from. Hello?


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                      I've been to San Diego, and it is one of the best cities I've ever seen. It is a stuning place! To bad its all the way in the bottom corner to the far west of the country!

                      I know I'd love to live there that much I know for sure!

                      Larry Kirchner


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                        Out of the options you have on the poll I like St Louis the best. Nashville did sound enviting Shane. Thats one I havent seen come up yet.
                        Greg Allen


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                          San Diego is great but it would be unfair to all the people to have to come to the corner of the world. As it would be for New York I guess. Oh and sorry I forgot about Chicago. Larry you live in Alaska? Vincent This Time!
                          Its A Verbal Orgy on Steroids!


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                            San Diego may be the most southwestern city in the continental US but it has a LOT to offer. A beautiful convention center center built next to the bay. A great haunted house "The Haunted Hotel" built in the basement of one of the Gaslamp Quarter's old buildings. Sixteen blocks of restaurants and nightclubs including Croce's, built and operated by Jim Croce's widow. The Whaley House, a real haunted house. The San Diego Zoo, SeaWorld, Legoland, and only about 90 miles up the road, Disneyland and Knott's Berry Farm. And, of course, some of the best weather in the country.


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                              Now see there are so many good arguements towards bringing it to home in CA. We've some of the best cities in the country. I mean no offense to St. Louis or Chicago but CA is the entertainment capital of the world. Infoam hit the nail on the head and if not CA atleast bring it close to Sin City. Vincent This Time!
                              Its A Verbal Orgy on Steroids!