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  • SPFXMasks Zombie Sleeves

    Larry had asked in the Wolfman Sleeves Thread if we could make or had other sleeves that were more deformed or rotted? Well here you go, as promised Larry : )
    SPFXMasks Zombie Sleeves

    Take care

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    I really like those. They could definitely save a lot of time that make-up artists would spend on the same effects. I'm just wondering though, how do you put these on? Do you just pull them over your arms and they stay? Or do you have to secure them somehow to keep them from falling off?
    ~Jon-Kyle Bailey
    Campbellsville, KY


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      Do they come in different sizes as well? I love the way they look and that would save so much time compared to makeup application.
      Katie Lane
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        I have a pair and I love them. They are pretty easy to get on and off with the trick being lots of baby powder. They also will give you some bulk and are extremely comfortable. As far as the sizes I dont know. Rusty?


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          Lookin good. Make a set with 6 fingers for the inbred....


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            tchaunt: Yes. You simply slide them on your arms and hands. Many haunters use baby powder to help put them on; KY lube can make it easier as well. These will not come off unless you are taking them off. You will not have to secure them in any way.

            BruiseMuse and IF YOUR 555: One size fits all; same as our masks. And thank you!

   Excellent idea!

            Thank you for the kind words guys.
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              I like thse as well.Maybe Shane will us some for Graystone this year.Definately would save time. Probably be diffucult to masturbate tho,Sorry,could'nt help it.:grin: