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What is the big bang in your haunt?

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    Well, maybe. If I manage to gather enough energy to appear, then I'll scare. If I get enough energy, I may play a bit with knifes and forks. If I get really good, I may start to play with chairs and chainsaws!
    ~Jon-Kyle Bailey
    Campbellsville, KY


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      Last year it was the moving swamp house it makes you dizzy.

      This year we are adding a dropping bridge. When you walk onto it it will hold about 8 people, the whole thing drops like 3 inches quickly. It will scare the crap out of you.

      Hmmm... well chainsaws will have to be #1 for sure. At Creepyworld we always chase them out with chainsaws. It still works!

      Let me think...

      I would say a few years ago it would have been the black hole tunnel.

      Down the road at our haunts here is what we will do ... we will build more MEGA FX for our haunts. Meaning rather than just buy something that pops out we'll be building major effects that scare groups of people all at one time. We have lots of ideas and we'll do some of them this coming year at Creepyworld.

      Larry Kirchner


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        I'm not quite sure what the big bang was ours essentially, seeing as almost every scene we had made quite an impact on the audience. We had no holds barred in ours; we had a shrinking hallway (Willy Wonka, for those who dont get it) A Wall in the dark that shocked those who touched it, An electricution chair in action that would spark to life with a live actor, A man in a cage who could pull down the fence and climb through and under towards unsuspecting patrons, and a man who hung himself right infront of the patrons. I did the hanging man stunt and it certainly spooked alot of people. The Harness when I jumped actually allowed me to hover in mid-air for quite a time. The funniest thing about the stunt was that people didnt think I was going to jump off of my bed and hang myself, but I did and some patrons actually thought I did myself in as I hovered in mid-air. They actually stopped in thier tracks confused if they should go on or not. In the confusion as I was still I would then convulse while hanging out of nowhere. That got quite a few screams.
        Honestly it thought it was a tad bit overwhelming, but then again, it brought us repeat visitors, and defineatly left an impact, but in the end instead of just one scene just blowing me away, I'd rather go to a house where the entire experience as a whole would leave the impact.
        Goblins, Ghoulies, Creatures and Frights, We summon you now, to dance through the night!
        -Madame Leota, Phantom manor