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Manipulate larger groups for max scare

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  • Manipulate larger groups for max scare

    One of the things i like to do when working in a Q line is turn peoples friends against them. Theres nothing people love more than to see their friends get scared. They think that they are safe if all the attention is being focused on their friend(s).

    What are some fun tactics you use to pitt peoples friends against them, or manipulate groups as a whole with the intent of getting a better scare or scaring as many people as possible in the group?

    How do you work a group in which you have one or two shamelessly easy targets (screaming hanging all over each other and shrieking that theyre scared...these are the people you can hear getting out of their cars before they even enter your territory). And then the rest of the group is quieter or seemingly more at ease? Do you go for the easy scare...or work to get a better one on someone who is a bit more difficult to work with?

    Just thought it would be a fun thread

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    Maybe we should measure and define .

    I had a first season employee who was fantastic! She is a middle aged local business owner (a smart Lady) she would laugh in people's faces and make sure they were scared as she lit up their face , individually, with a flashlight, something she invented all by herself, but it worked! (They could not swing a punch at her if they tried the way it was set up)After she would genuinely be laughing AT them because she was having this much fun, she might see a person or two in the group who seemed to be quiet or with a sour look on their face. She would make a point of loudly asking them if they were having fun?
    If they responsed with a grumpy "No" or had some other negative things to say about their experience here she would ask the rest of the group, "Is he always like that?"
    Followed by something like, "Are the rest of you having a good time?" followed by a affirmative consensus, then she might refer back to the nay-sayer and say, "Oh well, some people just can't ever have any fun."
    The group would look at that person and that person now stood defined as a singular bitcher/complainer, and the validity of their complaint or sour puss expression was seperated from the rest of them possibly feeling that way. The end result were more happy people, I believe.
    I think she was brilliant!
    Much better than a previous employee who simply handled any complaints by saying, "We don't care, we already have your money!"
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      That middle aged business woman is an important asset. You should keep her around.
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        I know yall probably heard it a million times but if you want to move the entire group you have to move its strongest member. I don't mean the biggest or even the most adverse to suspending disbelief but the actual leader of the group, every mob has one, you get that person going and you have the day. Technique wise um Ill give a glimpse to the first few and if they freak retreat and wait for them to freak their friends out for ya. If the first few dont freak know that the ones from behind will soon be right up and on their leading friends so capitalize on them being all together and get close, making sure to come in from a different centerline then the first few. If you happen to have someone afraid of a specific thing in your scene maximize that patrons time with it by doing whatever you can because again having them freak their friends out is easy.